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01-10-2017, 04:29 AM
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is anyone here using Viddyoze?
I'm tempted to get the pay-once $67 membership for unlimited lifetime video edits - but when I read the FAQ on the bottom, it looks like what they've got available is limited and you have to pay more for extras, but you can't tell what they are (like Obamacare) until you join in (see FAQ at bottom of this page: http://viddyoze.com/holiday-special/).

So - wondering if any of you are using it and if it's worthwhile? Thought I could not only use it for my own social media efforts, but I might be able to make some Fiverr money or something doing projects with it... would like feedback from any of you who might be using it and to hear your assessment. Are you a subscriber to Viddyoze? Was your investment worth it? Are the other add-ons also life-time purchases, or are they recurring?

Thank you