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11-21-2016, 07:45 AM
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[ Reviewer and Beta Tester ] 5 days Auto Like/Views IG Service
Hi Everyone,

I've been working for the past 3 months to make this happen.

Basically it's a service that I've been looking to launch for a very long time but it's been on hold and development. However it's almost here and I need your help!

It's a auto like IG service which will provide likes/views to every content that the user post. But here's the catch, you're able to customize the dripfeed and to make it as legit as possible or you can simple do it the normal way getting it all at once.

When my service launches, it'll include add-on such as comments and mentions as well so all is good Black Hat

I would like to invite anyone of the upgrade members to test my service and give me feedback on it, but I'm pretty sure that it's awesome, I doubt there'll be much problems.

Nevertheless here's how it works:
I'll run this on your account for 5 days. ( I don't need your login details )
You're required to give me your review on this and feedback if any improvement can be made.
This is only limited to 4 post in 24 hours. ( More options will be available on my service of course. )
Each post will get between 125-175 Likes

Please post in this format! (**REQUIRED**)
Instagram Username:
Drip-Feed Likes Per Interval: Meaning it'll only give a drip-feed amount between each interval each time.
Drip-Feed Minutes Interval: The drip-feed interval timing before it proceed to continue to give drip-feed amount set.
[Image: banner_autoweb.png]