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05-15-2016, 06:59 AM (This post was last modified: 07-31-2016 06:04 PM by AntonVS.)
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I need your help
I'm sorry, my BBHF brothers and sisters, I can't answer your PMs, I can't fulfill your wishes about reuploading content and I can't please you new stuff.
I'm trying to beat cancer.

AntonVS Wrote:
lala Wrote:Hi AntonVS, can you edit your signature or your thread that is stickied on freebies section, add you donation link cause there are lot of bbhf members that are willing to help you financially. Be strong AntonVs. You take care.


Hello, lala.
I`m still alive. :)
I'm sorry I did not answer for so long - I have not had the opportunity - I was treated in hospital.
I`m very grateful for the support of all of you.
I was hoping that I will not have to ask for help.
I think I have enough own funds to pay for the treatment.
Unfortunately, I overestimated my abilities.
One course is passed, but this is not enough. I need just a few treatments.
Any amount of donation may be able to save my life. I have a good chance if I did not interrupt treatment.
I'm immensely grateful to everyone who wants to help me.
My Paypal - crhzuby@gmail.com
Paypal.Me: https://paypal.me/crhzuby
Skrill.com: crhzuby@gmail.com
Payza.com: crhzuby@gmail.com

My Perfect Money accounts: https://perfectmoney.is U12160909 or E12090431 or B12230763 - btc account
Payee Name: crhzuby

Thank you and God bless you.
Sincerely yours Anton.

Thank you so much AntonVs and happy to hear that. Let me add this on the thread for others to see.


AntonVS Wrote:I apologize for my obsession, but my life is at stake.
My time is running out. I could continue treatment even now, but need money.
August 16 is the deadline, then the time will work against me.
My thread for help was viewed nearly 9,000 people.
If each of them donated at least $ 5 - I would be able to collect almost the entire amount for further treatment.
I need about $50,000.
I can solemnly promise to anyone who will donate money to my rescue, return their donations providing digital stuff in the 100-fold volume.
I ask you to prove your credibility and ask the members of our forum to help me.
Perhaps, if you create a new thread - it will be more effective.
I just need to recover - and I'll be back in operation the top contributors of our forum soon.
Thanks for the support.
Yours faithfully,

P.S.: I`m sending this message to you and Omni Potens.

Sorry to hear that AntonVs but be strong.
No need to create new thread, i will edit your thread and update this conversation of us. It would also help us if you add more donation button from different payment processor as other member who like to donate may use different donation button to help you. I will also donate and along with other members here. We treat you not just a member here but we are as one family in here, so times like this we are strong if we are united. Be strong and hang in there. Thanks.

05-15-2016, 02:19 PM
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RE: I can't help you now
From forum lounge section let me move this to freebies section, and let me stickied this so everyone can notice this. ;(

This is very bad news to hear Anton :(
Before i started to be active on this forum, most of my shares were originally originated from you. I wont be on this position without your solid help.

Anton Be strong. We all gonna pray for you.
Don't lose hope yet. Your stronger and keep on fighting. We are all here to pray for you to overcome this trials. Trust God. You can make it. Be strong.
05-15-2016, 02:59 PM
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RE: I can't help you now
I wish you all the best Anton..
You've always been a member I appreciated so very much.
05-15-2016, 03:03 PM
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RE: I can't help you now
OMG. Can't believe this. But my prayer goes to you anton. I usually don't post actively nor say thanks to your shares, but believe me bro i am one of those member here who benefit most of your shares. I just can't believe how life is so unfair. You have been so good as far as i know. But oh well my prayer won't stop. I pray for your recovery. Stay strong bro.
05-15-2016, 03:06 PM
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RE: I can't help you now
Be healed Anton in Jesus name. I stand in prayer for you, regardless of your faith, i am believing for you. Keep us updated.
“There is no secret ingredient” ☺
05-15-2016, 03:09 PM
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RE: I can't help you now
Our thoughts and prayers are with you--stay strong
05-15-2016, 03:11 PM (This post was last modified: 05-15-2016 03:12 PM by Sub-Zero.)
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RE: I can't help you now
A quote for you my dearest Anton.
[Image: there-is-a-can-in-cancer-because-we-can-...uote-1.jpg]

There is a "can" in cancer because we can beat it!

Always trust GOD in times like this your not alone.
We're help to show some support, care and love.
05-15-2016, 03:23 PM
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RE: I can't help you now
You will again be normal my friend :)
05-15-2016, 03:30 PM
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RE: I can't help you now
Best wishes to you, Anton
05-15-2016, 03:32 PM
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RE: I can't help you now
Hang in there Anton and stay strong. My mom and daughter had that dreaded disease and beat it, and I know that you can too!! God bless and may He see you through it to the end my friend.