Forum Announcement: >>>General Rules for BBHF [Last UPDATED on August 27, 2015]<<<
04-17-2015, 04:54 PM
>>>General Rules for BBHF [Last UPDATED on August 27, 2015]<<<

1. Please Respect All members of this forum, regardless of who or what they are...

The purpose of the forum is to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas. Occasionally, conflicts may arise when people voice opinions. Be courteous when disagreeing with others. Debating the opinion is appropriate, however criticism against the originator of the opinion is not allowed.
Disrespect can be construed as flaming, trolling, harassing, profanity, abusive language or abbreviations, personal attacks, racial, religious, ethnic, sexual slurs, or similar behavior/language.

Flaming is defined as posts which are designed to personally berate or insult another.

Trolling is defined as deliberately posting derogatory, inflammatory comments/threads in order to bait other users into responding. Trolling or accusing someone of being a troll is also a form of trolling and is not permitted.

Posts similar to “Moderator Notified” or “Needs thread lock” are discouraged, as these types of posts are a form of trolling. If a thread is in violation of the forum rules, use the notify moderator button or send a private message to a moderator or administrator directly.

Personal attacks include, but are not limited to insulting a poster directly:

Example: “You are stupid, you s****, and you should [censored].”

The above are a just few examples of behavior that is not tolerated on the forums. Basically, play nice and get along. Thanks!

2. No inappropriate talk.
The BestBlackHatForum forum is not a place to chat about drugs and alcohol related activities. Likewise, sexual, racial or otherwise inappropriate talk is also not permitted.

3. Please, no Profanity from now on and onwards...
It was my mistake that I allow freedom of expression that it goes now beyond abusive limit.
This was NOT the kind of community we wanted. I am pretty sure it wasn't too late on my behalf to correct my mistake.

* Profanity (also called bad language, strong language, foul language, swearing or cursing) is a subset of a language's lexicon that is generally considered in society to be strongly impolite or offensive. It can show a desecration or debasement of someone or something, or show strong or intense emotion. Profanity can take the form of words, expressions, gestures (such as flipping the middle finger), or other social behaviours that are construed or interpreted as insulting, rude, vulgar, obscene, obnoxious, foul, desecrating, or other forms.[1]

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Profanity

We hate people who aren't contributing anything hence they are called leechers.
But leechers are members of this forum too. We do NOT force anyone to contribute by force.
It's their own free will, whether to start contribute or forever be leechers, but regardless the fact.
We do not need necessarily to messed or turn this forum into a warzone or ranting community.
The freedom of expression does NOT necessarily mean we are allowed to degrade or insult any members of this forum.
The most important thing we shouldn't forget was to respect others as we respect ourselves.
Heart Our main objective here is to help each other, care for each other. Heart
Now with all these arguments, most valuable posts were buried and lot of members are being affected.
(thanks to annonymous VIP members who enlighthen me his ideas and concern, he doesn't want to be name as he wanted not to be part of this quarrel)

Now i am posting on my behalf to call the attention of everyone to please stop any hateful threads or comments, as from now on and onwards, this is strictly NOT allowed here anymore.
Please let us respect each other, help each other, care for each other as simple as that,
in which i am 100% sure this is possible without ruining anyone's reputation.

4. Never reveal your personal information.
The best way to stay safe online is to NEVER share your real name, phone number, address, email or passwords. Please do not disclose your, or anyone else’s, private information. Rest assured that what is posted on private section will remain on private section.

5. Non-Constructive posts are prohibited.
Below is a non-exhaustive list of examples of non-constructive posts. As a rule, non-constructive posting is not permitted:

Spam - this is considered to be repetitive posting of the same topic or text or nonsensical posts that have no substance and are often designed to annoy other forum users.

Bumping posts in order to keep them near the top of the list is also prohibited. Likewise, the use of "/signed" posts are discouraged in that it doesn’t engender constructive discussion.

Do not create threads/posts to “petition” or “lobby” for forum features, additions, changes, or other issues. You may post suggestions and/or ideas to the support centre, but you may not create a ‘petition’ for others to sign. This is bumping in disguise and will not be allowed. Lobbying is continually bringing up the same topic repeatedly in numerous different threads or as an off-topic post in official threads to get member attention. This form of posting is not permitted.

Cross posting - As a courtesy to others before beginning a new thread, please look to see if an active thread on that topic has already been established using the Search feature. If so, place your comments there instead. Multiple threads on the same subject clutter up the forum needlessly and many good ideas may be lost. Use the Search link to keep discussions about one topic to one thread only.

Negative feedback can be very useful, provided that it is presented in a civil, factual manner. Tell us what you don't like and why and how you feel it could be improved. Posts that are insulting and rude may be deleted from now on onwards.., no matter how valid the ideas behind them may be.

A rant is a post which is long-winded, redundant and filled with angry, non-constructive comments. A free exchange of ideas is essential to building a strong sense of community and helpful in the development of the game, but rants are disruptive and incite flaming and trolling. Please post your thoughts in a concise, clear manner and avoid going off on rambling tangents.

Threads that make threats or use other combative language are not allowed from now on and onwards.
Threads will be immediately closed and repetitive violators may receive warnings until account will be suspended.

6. Private communication between BestBlackHatForum members, staff and forum users is not to be made public on these forums or by any other venue.
Please keep private conversations private. You are not permitted to publicize any private correspondence without permission. As such, warnings and bans are not to be discussed on the forum. Such matters shall remain private between BestBlackHatForum and the user. Questions or comments concerning warnings and bans will be conveyed through e-mail or private messaging. Likewise, discussions regarding moderator actions are not permitted on the forum. If you have questions regarding a post or thread that has been removed or subject to other moderation, please contact a moderator to discuss it.

7. Do not post about forum exploits.
If you figure out some way to exploit , please do not post publicly about it. Instead, use the private message system and contact staff of this forum.

8. Impersonating another forum user, moderator, volunteer, administrator or BestBlackHatForum member is prohibited.
Please do not impersonate anyone else. It might seem funny at the time, but it can lead to a lot of confusion.

9. You may not post advertisements.
Advertising on these forums is prohibited if posted on the wrong section. Please do not do it.
Repetitive violators will receive "hell ban".

You can only advertise on either 2 sections:

*Paid advertisement as BSO

Talk about anything related to web, affiliate programs or show of your
website here, site reviews, online marketing and services, file hosting,
search engines, referrals and other interesting websites. Strictly no
selling of anything here!

10. No proxy posting; no account hopping to evade suspension.
Posting on behalf of a suspended user is not allowed. Working around a ban through other people’s accounts or secondary accounts to continue posting is also. You are personally responsible for your conduct on the forums. Threads designed to announce, appeal or contest a banning will also be removed without notice.

11. No Legal Action threads.
Using the forums or PMs for encouraging, promoting, endorsing, or inciting any kind of legal action against anyone is strictly prohibited.

12. User Generated Content.
We do not host screenshots, signature pictures, or other images on this message board. You are more than welcome to link to images hosted in other places, as long as they are of an appropriate and non-offensive nature and/or do not otherwise infringe the intellectual property rights of any party. Below is a list of examples of what is not permitted.

Images which are: sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive; obscene or contain vulgar language; images that illustrate/show illegal activity.

Avatar icons are allowed as long as the images are below 20kb in size. Avatars that are overly annoying, disruptive or in BestBlackHatForum’ sole discretion found to be in poor taste will be removed. Same way it applies to signature.

Links to images that are inappropriate will be removed and your forum account may be shut down.

Copyrighted, proprietary images, trade marks as well as images that do not belong to you (i.e. photographs or artwork which are used without permission of the creator) are also forbidden.

Signature Images are allowed, however they must not be annoying and your not just posting nonsense post just to promote your signature.

13. Zero Tolerance Policy.

Immediate suspension or bans from the forum can result from any of the following: the posting of pornography; discriminatory remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive; excessive obscene or vulgar language; posts which discuss or illustrate illegal activity; providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned.

14. Proprietary forums.
The BestBlackHatForum Community is a private message forum. All message board content is allowed at the discretion of BestBlackHatForum. BestBlackHatForum reserves the right to remove any message board content at will without notice for any reason.

15. Changes to these Rules and Regulations
BestBlackHatForum may revise these Rules and Regulations at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes.

For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!!!

(06-22-2014 04:06 AM)NonConformer Wrote:  NO Inflating of Reputation and/or Post Counts Allowed - Forcing people or offering ANY kind of INCENTIVES to give reputation points or to post messages in a thread to receive links, shares, licenses or other info is not allowed in the forum. - If you want to give away limited licenses or other special offers, you can do that through the give-away forums or privately with ZERO incentive.

The freebies sections are for open sharing with direct links or mirror links only.
Follow these rules or your thread will be deleted without warning.

The give-away forums for the free section and VIP sections are here:
Here: http://bestblackhatforum.com/Forum-Free-...-Giveaways
or Here: http://bestblackhatforum.com/Forum-VIP-E...d-Services

File Passwords - The default file password is posted at the top of the freebie forum sections.

Omni Potens Wrote:Spammers,
Virus Spreader,
Racists, Insults, Posting bad words!

on this forum will NOT be TOLERATED! Will NEVER be TOLERATED!!!

I will personally KICKED and BAN them along with their IP ADDRESS!!!
You've been WARNED.
Consider this a LAST WARNING!!!

==> Misleading title from now on should be prohibited!

Omni Potens