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Full Version: General + Sig Rules for BBHF [Updated FEB 2020] **Must Read**
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General + Sig Rules for BBHF [Updated FEB 2020] **Must Read** - lala

(02-19-2020 07:45 AM)TECH N9NE Wrote: [ -> ]All Rules stated by Omni still apply, you can read them here:
BBHF Cleaning as of 08/21/2019

#4 Rule - Never Reveal Your Personal Information - updated 3.18.2020

Sharing your email, discord, skype, facebook username (etc) AND/OR trying to recruit people into any of these outside groups is strictly prohibited. From now on, all threads/posts will be deleted with any outside recruitment unless it is part of your BSO. So, if your BSO requires coaching done via skype/discord. These threads will remain active, all others will be deleted.

*Sharing/posting someone's personal information on any thread or post, such as real name, mailing address and email of members here are strictly prohibited. This is for the privacy and protection of every member here at BBHF.

#9 Rule - You May Not Post Advertisements - updated

Spamming/promoting your GB/BSO outside of the original thread is strictly prohibited. You may link your GB/BSO thread in your signature, but any other advertising and linking while sharing any [GET] threads (etc) is prohibited.


Signature Rules - updated

You may link your BSO or GB in your sig

You may have a quote in your sig

***If you are a VIP member - you may have your blog in your sig. (Must not be a sales page, must not have any optin-forms on it or an excessive amount of advertisements/adsense/products on it) - no forums allowed (this includes any other blackhat sites etc) No short URL's allowed - must link to your original blog URL. No Porno or XXX-Rated content allowed.

***If you are a VIP member - you may link an affiliate offer in your sig but MUST create a new thread here first:
and you may link THAT thread in your sig.

*NON VIP MEMBERS* may link to any BBHF thread as long as it's not

You may not link to your blog/website in your sig, if you want to sell something, open up a BSO.

You may NOT post your email/discord/facebook/skype (etc) in your sig.

--> Repetitive spammer on the wrong section will be moderated without notice.

**Make sure to bookmark these rules as they'll be updated regularly as moderators see fit, any violation will be recorded without warning, it's your duty to read the rules before posting.

As always, we do our best to protect our members and try to accommodate to everyone's requests. Nothing ever lasted as long as us without some kind of order in place and as we continue to grow daily with new members joining us we need to keep the spammers at bay for everyone's protection.

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