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Full Version: Poem for BBHF
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On BBHF, a forum for all,
It's full of money, no matter the fall,
The members are friendly and all in a row,
Making more money to help the show.

Scammers are lurking to swindle the naive,
Their schemes know no bounds, they'll try to deceive,
They'll try to get your money and steal your stuff,
But don't worry, they're not too bright,
but a turf.

The honest people are fighting with the bad actors,
They look up to the sky and scream "We'll take 'em!",
The bad guys' faces soon turn to fear,
As the honest folks give a loud cheer!

The BestBlackhat forum is the place to be,
Where friendly members help each other succeed,
With new ideas to make more money,
The sun is always shining and it's oh so funny.

A place for everyone, far and near,
Where knowledge is shared, to help make it clear,
A family of friends, nothing but fun,
On BBHF, the only place to come.
seriously? no comments? wtf!

anyway, nice poem man. sorry i missed it.....
(12-27-2022 06:42 AM)California Kid Wrote: [ -> ]seriously? no comments? wtf!

anyway, nice poem man. sorry i missed it.....

i personally just discovered this section of the forum after 4 months usingit haha

funny poem, nice
I am glad you like it guys!
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