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Full Version: How to improve your Facebook ad campaign
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After the launch of advertising on Facebook, the situation may develop in the following scenarios:

1.Advertising will give the desired result,
2.There will be no result
3.The result will / will not be, but the ad account will be blocked.

In this article, we will not take into account situations when an advertising account is blocked.

Even if your ad has successfully launched and fulfills its goals, there will come a time when users will get tired of the creative and the affiliate will need to either invent a new one or change something in the current one.

And at this point, there are two key mistakes that affiliates usually make.

The first — affiliates start to change the advertising campaign without conducting a comparative analysis of its effectiveness. Or they change it according to the experience that they had with other campaigns.

As a result, the changes made may not lead to the desired result. Or even worsen performance.

The second mistake — hasty conclusions. So, several days or even a week have passed, but the creative does not give the desired effect. An affiliate sees that there are no conversions, ignores the rest of the metrics, decides that everything is bad and begins to radically change the campaign.

The fact is that in order for an advertisement to be fully launched, 50 leads are enough (if you make the traffic for conversions). Only after that you should make conclusions.

Moreover, it is worth looking not only at click-through rates and conversions, but also at other metrics. This will help you understand what exactly can be changed or if anything needs to be changed at all.

Below is a short summary of what to look at when analyzing campaign performance.

Analysis of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign

When evaluating ad performance, pay attention to at least the following metrics:

Coverage. This metric reflects how many unique users saw your ad. If your reach is low, there are high chances that the ad is being shown to the same audience.

Frequency of impressions. Using this metric, you can understand how often your ad is shown to the same audience. If it is from 2 to audiences from 10,000 people and from 4 for an audience of up to 10,000 people it means that you have to change the audience: who wanted to click already clicked, who didn’t want to — will definitely not click.

CTR / click-through rate. This metric shows the ratio of impressions to clicks on your ad. The higher it is, the more often the audience clicks on your ad.

At the same time, opinions differ as to what is considered a good result. More often you can find information that a CTR of 1% is a good value. But here it is important to consider what exactly you pay for in the advertising campaign and what product you are promoting.

For example, if you are dealing with expensive products like real estate or cars, a CTR of just under 1% would be considered a great result.

There are situations when the click-through rate of an ad is high, but conversions are low. This means that either your ad does not match the content of the site to which it leads, or users are not yet ready to buy your product.

ROI(return of investment) metric reflects the ratio of the cost of advertising spend to the revenue generated. With him, everything is quite simple - the more you earned minus expenses, the better your ad worked.

We will discuss in more detail the criteria for evaluating advertising in a separate article. The main rules are — analyze your campaigns and don’t look at only one metric. An advertising campaign must be assessed both as a complex and according to specific criteria.

How to improve your ad campaign

Changing the audience will help if, according to the results of the campaign analysis, you see that at first the click-through rate and the number of applications were at a high level, and then the efficiency dropped down.

Most likely, the audience interested in your product has exhausted itself. Frequency metrics can help you understand this.

There are two ways to solve this problem — completely update the audience, or use data from the pixel to create a look-alike audience (similar) audience.

The main task of changing the audience is to cut off users who are definitely not interested in your offer. Agree, an old man will hardly be able to afford a yacht, and a teenage boy will not buy women's clothing.

Retargeting. Depending on the type of offer, it happens that the audience needs more time to make a decision. You can catch up with this audience and persuade them to take targeted action using retargeting.

In the ad, you can emphasize that you already know that the user has seen the ad and offer him some bonuses. Another option is to show the promoted offer from the other side and show its other benefits for the user.

Change the goals of the advertising campaign. When launching an advertisement, the affiliate sets the goal that he pursues with his ads.

For example, you initially set the goal to “reach”. If, in general, you see that the ad is working and the CTR is at least 1%, you can edit the campaign and set other goals to direct the audience to more active actions.

Change ad content. We have previously written that advertisements should be understandable for your target audience, show value and at the same time be memorable.

If you see your ad is watched by users, but it doesn’t reach the targeted action, you might need to change its content.

Look at your ad from the user's perspective and think about whether you would like to use this offer yourself. Next, work on copyrighting. It is possible that the user does not perform targeted actions, because:

1.Doesn't understand the benefits of your offer;
2.Basically does not understand the essence of your offer;
3.They have doubts about the safety of your offer.

Change the appearance. Even the best ad fades and becomes boring over time. If your ad has a high frequency of impressions, your ad appears to the same audience. And that means it's time to think about a new design.

Change traffic source. If you don’t have enough budget to continue testing ads on Facebook, while advertising objectively does not give the desired results, you can change the traffic source.

It doesn't necessarily have to do with bad creatives or misconfigured ads. It happens that it's just more difficult to catch your target audience on Facebook.

For example, your offer is to promote work on a construction site in the Russian Federation. On Facebook, this category of people is not so active and it uses other social networks more often. You can spend a large budget before you can figure out how to find and hook this audience on Facebook, or you can start advertising on another site, for example, on Google.
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Experiment with Custom Audiences: Custom Audiences are groups of people who have interacted with your business in some way, such as visiting your website or engaging with your social media pages. Experiment with different Custom Audiences to see which ones perform best for your ads.

Refine your location targeting: If you're targeting a specific geographic area, make sure your location targeting is as precise as possible. You can use zip codes or other specific location data to ensure your ads are only being shown to people in your target area.

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