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Full Version: What does Warning Level: 0% mean on my profile?
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This Warning Level 0% appears right below my reputation number. I don't think I have seen this on anybody's posts other than mine.

Since its 0% I'm not worried or anything, I'm just curious why I seem to be the only one that has it, as far as I know.
I'd like to know too
I hope you arent joking with me, being new and all :D

Anyways, everyone got a warning status, but i think only you can see your own. Thats what i am guessing anyways. I am also guessing that 0% tells you that you have done nothing seriously wrong, yet. If you tell admin to *peep* off, i bet your 0% increases to 99% ;P

Anyways. Fun answering your question, joke or not Love
he's correct, it's basically so you know yourself if you've been warned or got any "infractions" so to speak..and you don't see others
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