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02-09-2023, 03:33 AM
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selling website with traffic
Hi guys

I am open to offers. Read slow and clearly.
The website was re-stored from web archive. this was domain-drop.
This was a pet shop. But for now it's on CMS (content management system) that allows very small functions like add some banners or GA, replacing some code etc.

You can try to move it on e-commerc and start selling but it needs some hours of job.
Trafic not stable yet (cuz we still working on website, sometimes server was offline)
but it's around 18k per month GEO India

check some screens below:
[Image: Screenshot-983595.png]
[Image: Screenshot-94734.png]
[Image: Screenshot-34343.png]

With questions and proposals PM me.
Link will send in pm too.

Love Let's go to Shopping! Love
02-15-2023, 11:25 PM
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RE: selling website with traffic
now in adsense
~1.5$+ per day for now