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03-18-2023, 05:26 PM
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New Monetisation Method Part 1
Im so sorry guys this isn't a exact blueprint but for people looking to make legitimate income i'm not sure if its unique, but people with coding skills (and im hoping you can also involve me as a may be consultant in probem solving :) )

Anyway with the rise of Chatgpt, i think a new monetisation method would and could be a AI Chatbot but for companies instead. What i mean by this is HR (Human Resources)

All you would need to do is work with small companies and gather there notes on what a company is to do in circumstances of an evolving business what their terms and conditions are of employment what the company would do if boundaries are crossed etc

2nd for people who can use technology and chatgpt if you were to include legal aspects of the law and what say employment law says in a given situation in that country and then ask chat gpt based on the information on what the law says and what the employee situation is based on the resources of Chatgpt then you can provide an employee and a company with a solution. However this is just textual and it would be for company to make overall decision as to resolution of case

Im pretty sure our family of innovators in business could create a software like this and then could sell as SAAS and we as people can jump on the bandwagon as these types of softwares are very useful for companies and could save them time and money and im sure there would be many meaningful ways of moneitising this

Anyway here is an insight of an idea i was contemplating however i do not have the finances or the technical abilities as of yet to do such things if however anyone would like ideas im your guy! and if you need solutions to problems im pretty good at thinking! and i dont want to be owned by a sadistic evil master i want to be financially liberated and retire modestly. By helping others...

so my family if your an innovator and you can think of ways to create such things... please also help me out as i to would like to learn IM ways and believe me im just a junior member when it comes to life and learning.
01-19-2024, 08:07 PM
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RE: New Monetisation Method Part 1
I'm just afraid that ChatGTP is still not that reliable