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10-27-2022, 03:51 AM
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Learn HTML and CSS In 14 days | iLoveCoding
[Image: OYMum7N.jpg]

Nice share for any newbies wanting to learn a bit a web design...

Learn HTML and CSS Correctly

This just may be the most comprehensive HTML and CSS course on the internet.

With clearly explained concepts in short and to the point screencast videos, learn the fundamentals and build beautiful and professional websites.

(Cheatsheets, references, and tools included.)

No subscription, no email, no cost, jump straight in start learning.



Reps Appreciated
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10-27-2022, 09:15 PM
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RE: Learn HTML and CSS In 14 days | iLoveCoding
Thanks for sharing. Max Reps +++

You might also want to check out Leon Noel (#100 Devs)

Become A Software Engineer For Free 2022 playlist -


He runs free software engineering bootcamp. Many have managed to get developer jobs following his training.

He's one of the best guys to follow if you want to seriously pursue SE. His team also offers support on Discord all at ZERO cost.

11-08-2023, 04:31 AM
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RE: Learn HTML and CSS In 14 days | iLoveCoding
Thank you very much for sharing this bro, I've been thinking about learning to code and either becoming a front-end web developer or learning tech sales, there are so many resources and websites online and so many people telling you different things on youtube and tiktok and Reddit that it can be overwhelming trying to find out where to start and where to finish. Hopefully, this can give me the tools needed to teach myself and get a job come next year. Thanks