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11-03-2020, 03:29 PM (This post was last modified: 11-03-2020 04:18 PM by Omni Potens.)
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[IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF THREAD Starter/Sharer/Contributor! :)
Topic Title: [IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF THREAD Starter/Sharer/Contributor so they wont GET TIRED of SHARING! :)

I notice that most of the "LATEST" share thread get lots of VIEW(s) but with minimal reply from members who viewed it.

It was like the thread was just been "hit and run" without saying thanks by these so called "leechers".

So for now as of November 03, 2020, these 3 section(s) will be under protected content and all members who wishes to view the content must post a reply to say atleast "thanks" to the Sharer (thread starter) to keep the thread alive:

1) WSOs BSOs JVzoo and Early Bird Products

2) BestBlackHatForum VIP Exclusive Downloads

3) VIP's SEO Tools, Bots, and Softwares (Biggest and Largest Compilation) [Updated 2020-2021]

The downside of these would be on a particular protected shares, we will lose the healthy conversation/opinion/reviews on a certain thread and will be filled up with a bunch of useless post saying thanks but atleast the thread starter (sharer) will get acknowledge how many members view his thread and how many members find time to appreciate his/her shares.

Again on those section we will NOT force everyone to unlock all thread, just choose any of the thread(s)/topic© that you will find useful.

On this section ---> BBHF VIP Monetizing Method, Tutorial, Trick, etc. this will be OPTIONAL, the previous thread or latest incoming thread will be up to the sharer (thread starter) to implement the protected content, it will not be automatically necessary unlike the 3 previous section i mention.

Those sharer who use magic code, or hide tags, or code tags will not be affected,
the protected content will only trigger if you add live url links without enclosing it on code tags or hide tags.

Omni Potens
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11-03-2020, 03:33 PM (This post was last modified: 11-04-2020 02:20 PM by Lumos.)
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RE: [IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF THREAD Starter/Sharer/Contributor! :)

I have a particular love of there being a 'thank you' button at various forums, but short of that, making folks reply in share threads is a superb improvement.

ThankYou Omni Potens.
I totally despise board spammers and spambots !!!
11-03-2020, 06:16 PM
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RE: [IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF THREAD Starter/Sharer/Contributor! :)
Sure some will find it frustrating.

But, it will stop the Hit and Run types grabbing the goodies without leaving a Comment saying "Thank You!" or adding Reps to the OP.

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11-03-2020, 06:29 PM
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RE: [IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF THREAD Starter/Sharer/Contributor! :)
Most welcome initiative actions imposed on this forum's section. Thank you very much..
Reps+ are always welcome!
Happy Learning!
Jia Cheng bro.

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11-04-2020, 02:19 PM
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RE: [IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF THREAD Starter/Sharer/Contributor! :)
There seems to be a side-effect of this very cool, new function:
In checking the new posts list daily - it has already become much longer due to all these bumps made by folks unlocking content.

There is no option here to check for new threads though - so instead a daily visitor like myself has to check many, many more threads to see which are actually new.

There is no column showing the date the thread started either, and post counts can be deceptive as some brand new threads may have 100 replies before someone makes their visit here.

As a way to get more replies and/or more traffic around the site this is great I'm sure, while at the same time it'll have folks like myself passing by many threads in error.

A brother function to this would be the ability for members to hit a button to mark all threads as read when they are done for the day so as to avoid re-visiting already seen posts in error.
That way at least the new posts listing might be made a bit shorter per member account.
I totally despise board spammers and spambots !!!
11-04-2020, 06:54 PM
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RE: [IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF THREAD Starter/Sharer/Contributor! :)
I used to find it frustrating, but now I do value the changes. I think it is a good thing for the community. Thank you.
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11-05-2020, 02:44 AM
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RE: [IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF THREAD Starter/Sharer/Contributor! :)
Well, that's a start. Thank you, Omni Potens. Sadly, we can't stop idiots from posting nonsense just to get to the download but that's another issue.

And while I agree with Scrap that some will find it frustrating, that's usually the way it goes. The good guys have to suffer for the stupid crap "the others" make us go through.

What's really frustrating is trying to bring value to people and see 2,000 "views" but 3 posts on the thread. People don't just come to a thread to "view" it ... they benefit from the download, more often than not. I (and others) have written posts with clear instructions on how to get the share without problems; yet some people will post comments that demonstrate they simply don't bother reading but go directly for the download link.

More people post REQ and BUMP than THANKS or add reps and that's unacceptable. So I'm glad that some effort is finally being made.


With that said, I do believe, however, the forum admin has the tools that can HELP encourage more people on BBHF to behave properly and add value with just a little bit of education (training PDFs and short videos) and technology (restricting people's accounts on what they can download based on their active contributions to the community). Just like you can ban people when you need to or keep them out of the VIP area because they don't have that privilege, you can certainly restrict them based on their contributions. When the leeches and the lazy realize they are limited to only 2 downloads a day (just an example) because they haven't done sh*t to deserve more, they will learn to earn their keep.

That ... or they can take their lazy leeching butts elsewhere. There's no need in encouraging people who do nothing-but-consume to hang around and bring this forum down.


As of yesterday, I noticed the MAGIC BUTTON tags are not enclosing the download link in my posts anymore; exposing them and leaving an ugly error with the tag code, instead. I asked Lala about it and she promises to get back to me about that. It is quite possible something is wrong with my computer but I believe it is a forum issue, based on some of my recent posts where the MAGIC BUTTON was properly closed before but is exposed now.

Hopefully, that will be resolved soon.

for reading!
11-06-2020, 11:03 AM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2020 05:03 AM by ebizmoney.)
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RE: [IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF THREAD Starter/Sharer/Contributor! :)
I agree that it can or will be somewhat frustrating, but,
it SHOULD be frustrating and a complete and total pain
to the hoards of leeches infesting our hallowed BBHF.

That being said, I truly hope it doesn't prove to be a
major annoyance to the membership as a whole.

Case in point, adding this caveat to the majority, if not
all, of submitted posts won't really provide any additional
value to the post, the OP, and ultimately BBHF.

My feeling is that the post-a-comment and receive
a PM with the requested info method being used is the
best deterrent to leeches thus far. Is it perfect? No.
But, so far it is (IMHO) the lesser of the two evils.

Thank you very much for your pro-activism Omni Potens.

Kindest of regards,
Make your great day an even better one mate! 42rock
11-12-2020, 01:34 PM (This post was last modified: 11-13-2020 03:44 AM by ebizmoney.)
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RE: [IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF THREAD Starter/Sharer/Contributor! :)
Enough already!!!

This "post to unlock" crap is total over kill mate. Mad Slap Hitface

It's a total and unnecessary hindrance to those of us who are not leeches.

The best leech deterrent is to embrace the "post-a-comment" method
whereby one is required to "post-a-comment" and wait for a PM from
the OP containing the appropriate instructions.

Crikey mate, leeches don't give a hoot about posting to unlock
content, and if the true goal is to ensure proper reciprocation
goes to the deserving OP, then the "post-a-comment" method
is the appropriate resolution.

The above solution brings about 3 clear benefits:
1. the OP gets their well deserved thanks AND reps Happydance
2. the problem of thankless leeching is eradicated Happydance
3. those of us that are not leeches are no longer punished as tho we are Happydance

There is NO equity when the innocent are targeted along with the guilty.

As I said before I totally applaud your pro-activeness, but let's not
throw the baby out with the dirty bath water mate!

Thanks for reading,

Make your great day an even better one mate! 42rock
11-13-2020, 04:40 PM
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RE: [IMPORTANT] Saying "Appreciation" or "Thank You" on our BBHF T...
[Why my former post is NOT showing here?]

This "post to unlock" crap is total over kill mate. (Mad Slap Hitface)
It's a total and unnecessary hindrance to those of us who are not leeches.

You are RIGHT, ebizmoney.
A really unnecessary stuff.

Now 'years old' threads will bump up.

The Most Important thing is that we will NOT get a Review or Opinion of other
members about a Software or a Course given in Post #1 of a thread.
All posts will be, "post to unlock" which are useless.

Even if a member gives a Review, it will be buried under several "post to unlock" posts.

A 'Forum' is for showing different peoples point of view. Here it is only, "post to unlock".