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10-27-2023, 01:14 AM (This post was last modified: 10-28-2023 04:08 AM by MyBid.)
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How to Profitably Monetize Push Notifications Traffic By Promoting OnlyFans Accounts
According to recent news stories, OnlyFans users spent over $5 billion on their favorite models in 2022. So far in 2023, there are 50.8 million registered users and over 1 million sellers of content on the site.

You can also find advertisements to purchase OnlyFans push traffic in many chat rooms and forums. Does it make sense to send traffic from push notifications to OnlyFans? Is this a promising way to make money? Let's figure it out right now.

How do models earn on OnlyFans?

The main source of income for models is paid subscriptions from users. These range in cost from $5 to $50. Creators also earn tips from viewers. Out of all the money a model receives, OnlyFans takes 20% for themselves and transfers the remaining 80% to the model's account. So the more subscribers, the more money for the model.

How models drive traffic to their profiles

There are 3 categories of models making money on OnlyFans, and they operate differently:

Beginners: Their only way to build an audience is by creating more accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. They fill these pages with explicit content, gain followers, and then motivate them to purchase an OnlyFans subscription.

Results for beginners: This method takes a lot of time and effort. So the content for paying subscribers gradually declines in quality and unsubscribes increase. But the worst part is if any of the social media accounts get shadowbanned due to steady subscriber growth. All investment into profile promotion is erased because new materials no longer get recommended.
[Image: RTEYDNm.jpg]

Experienced models: These models are smarter because they don't waste time maintaining social accounts but instead use marketing agencies. The agencies work with alternative traffic sources beyond just platforms like Tinder or Reddit. These sites have less strict promotion rules and weaker censorship, so no shadowbanning occurs.

Results for experienced models: The agency specialists take over 70% of the model's total profit, but don't guarantee the promised number of subscribers. So the models get irregular audience growth while losing money.

[Image: lI3XNpq.png]

Professional models: The top earners making 5- or 6-figures per month often use agencies or affiliates for advertising. They buy traffic from proven sources – some use TikTok organic traffic, some Facebook Ads, push notifications, native ads, pop-ups, etc.

Push notifications are one of the most optimal formats. There is low ad cost, lots of targeted traffic for any geo, and minimum headaches. For example, in fully managed networks like MyBid, the account manager handles campaign setup, optimization, creatives, and all other aspects.

Results for professional models: With this approach, everyone focuses on their role: The model communicates with subscribers, stays in shape, and produces content. The producer suggests content ideas that will engage the audience. The affiliate selects the best content for ads, analyzes performance, manages campaigns, and finds other models to scale. As traffic volume increases, so do profits.

Why push notifications are the best choice

The main advantage of push notifications is no risk of bans. This type of advertising is unmoderated, so even the strictest platforms won't object. Meanwhile, social media accounts regularly get blocked, inflating budgets.

But that's not the only benefit. Push notifications also:
- Convert very well for adult offers. Most networks are time-tested and work reliably for months.
- Allow even the most risqué adult creatives. This greatly simplifies content selection.
- Provide cheap subscribers even for top-tier geo-targeting. For example, MyBid has a cost per click of $0.000169. So budgets don't run out during testing.

Let's clarify that last point further. Different ad networks have varying costs per click, depending on the targeted geo and what other advertisers are bidding in the real-time bidding auction. So even if a model finds a cheap agency promising Tier 1 fans, there's always a risk of getting bots. They visit the OnlyFans page, disappear, and deprive the affiliate of commissions.

Traffic quality is critical. In MyBid, we control over 90% of the traffic sources and take responsibility for its quality and being bot-free.

How push traffic typically works and how to run it more profitably
After selecting a network with good traffic, it's important to understand how other affiliates attract the target audience for OnlyFans and adult offers in general. Successful creatives and strategies should be analyzed.

Ad creatives: Spying reveals similar results – candid photos with the OnlyFans logo and captions mimicking social media notifications.

[Image: jLcFnS5.jpg]

Audience attraction strategy: This depends on the affiliate's experience.

Newbie affiliates send traffic directly to the model's OnlyFans page. Leads go to the platform's registration tab rather than the specific account. Most people don't immediately link a payment method after registering to get the subscription. These minor errors greatly reduce conversions and campaign success chances.

Experienced affiliates use a different approach. They take on multiple model accounts because it's more profitable. They build a separate website, post model rankings, and drive fans there with push notifications. More accounts mean higher campaign conversion overall.

How do professional affiliates use push traffic to promote OnlyFans Models?

To maximize OnlyFans profits, affiliates need to warm leads up for paid subscriptions – that's where most earnings come from. Empirically, gathering all potential fans from all traffic sources at once works best. Instagram accounts and Telegram channels are the most convenient. Regular new posts on both platforms increase conversion rate since leads see a real person's page.

But that's not all. The platforms' features help gradually prepare the audience for purchases. After some warming up, fans may not only buy subscriptions but also send generous content unlock donations.

This approach also builds loyalty. People following the model across multiple social platforms are primed to buy. Long-term this increases conversions and tip amounts.
About 87% of OnlyFans users are men, and 45% are from America. Slightly fewer are Canadian, British, and German. Most are fairly wealthy adults who can potentially fund the entire ad campaign in just a few transactions.


Push traffic is ideal for OnlyFans and adult offers. You can't get banned even for the most risqué creatives, unlike more strictly moderated platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Google.

However, you need to understand best practices for running adult push notification campaigns. Despite the low cost per click and the creative freedom, it comes with, it's easy to lose money or get bot traffic if you choose the wrong advertising network.

The best solution is to go for fully managed ad networks like MyBid. Their experienced managers will advise on choosing the most effective ad creatives and targeting options that provide quality traffic that can help you grow and scale your campaign. Their extensive affiliate knowledge gives extremely useful recommendations.
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