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02-10-2023, 11:13 AM
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High Quality Backlink From News Web For Boost Your Traffic
content placement services on foreign news websites with tough specifications.

DA starts from 50 to 90 with monthly visitor specifications from 150k to 17 million.

Suitable for English websites that need power for search engines. Local websites can also be mostly well-known national media and use backlinks from foreign media.

As we know backlinks from Authority domains have a positive effect on the money site. Even on local sites, we already know how strong backlinks from National Media are in increasing articles to page 1.

Through my services, you can get backlinks with stronger power from national media, because foreign news sites cover a global area.

What did you get?

Article will appear at least on 20-50 Web news (Maybe More) with a DA of 50-90 (Random) and 150 links DA under 40
Publish on Google News
Articles can be accessed by yourself (with the format that I will provide later)
You can use an affiliate link if the goal is for a landing page, not a blog
Articles will be published for 3-24 months depending on the website owner (Usually published for 1 year)
Full report
Links will be indexed using the Backlink Indexer


Your site will enter the Trust Badge category from Google
DA and DR will automatically increase after indexed backlinks
It's easier for articles to go up to page 1


Articles of at least 300 words in the form of English news articles
1 domain can only send 2 URLs with 2 Anchor Text
Articles will be published at least 5-7 days maximum depending on the queue.
Early payment, for itrader over 50 can pay the remaining 50% after publishing.



already includes everything including articles if you are lazy to make articles.

For Question

or Whatsapp +6281320926328