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01-30-2024, 07:57 PM (This post was last modified: 01-30-2024 07:58 PM by Skills Course.)
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[GET] Tom Morrison – Simplistic Mobility Method ($53.10 ->> $19.00)
Description Of Simplistic Mobility Method

Full Body Mobility Program.

No equipment needed. Nothing fancy. No big words. Just great drills with simple explanations.

You might have a ‘dodgy hip’, ‘weak shoulder’, ‘bad back’, etc, because of injury, training or just from life… and you may have given up hope of getting rid of it – but you can take back control!

What You’ll Learn In Simplistic Mobility Method?
- Increase Flexibility in tight areas
- Build Stability in weak areas
- Assess Your Body and help you discover posture or strength imbalances
- Reduce Pain caused by compensations or limitations
- Prevent Injury through spotting warning signs
- Keep You Consistent using a simple structure and goals to work towards
- Be Accessible – You don’t need lots of space or any equipment
- Be With You For Life – No more drifting from program to program, everything you need is right here

LINK DOWNLOAD: https://skillscourse.net/tom-morrison-si...ty-method/
LINK DOWNLOAD: https://skillscourse.net/tom-morrison-simplistic-mobility-method/