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04-23-2022, 05:59 AM
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[GET] Grant Cardone - 42 Courses Collection (283GB)
Hey everyone. I found this link having courses of Grant Cardone.

Unfortunately, these are zipped files so there's no way to download something specific you would want.

Still, throwing this share out there.

Magic Button :

Magic Button :
01-10X Health System
02-wealth creation formula
03-7 top sales secrets
04-the 10x rule
05-10X Super Life
06-how to make millions on the phone
07-How to make millions in the business
08-How to become a millionaire now
09-Be obsessed or be average
10-negotiating and closing masterclass
11-how to become a millionaire live training
12-money and finance training
13-Secrets of the Wealthy
14-how to create multiple flows of income
15-how to get started in real estate
16-Wealth Creation Formula
17-100 ways to stay motivated
18-perfecting customer retention and conversion
19-Mastering the Cold Call
20-personal finance and wealth creation
21-Internet Lead Response Strategies
22-64 Traits of Great Entrepreneurs
23-advanced follow up strategies
24-professional prospecting challenges
25-Incoming Call Mastery
26-Advanced closing and negotiation strategies
27-mastering the close
28-The perfect sales system
29-understanding buyer psychology
30-Sales Fundamentals
31-5 steps to your best year ever
32-Mastermind coaching call
33-Q and A with grant cardone
34-live trainings
35-Onboarding Videos
36-Economic Crisis Plan
37-Recession Response Training
38-Build an Empire University
39-How to Manage A Remote Sales Team
40-how to manage a remote business
42-How To Get Your Dream Job in 72 Hours

Found here -
04-23-2022, 06:41 AM
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RE: [GET] Grant Cardone - 42 Courses Collection (283GB)
@daily-rp.. d*** mate! This is holy grail of Grant Cardone's stuff! Thanks mate reps are due
04-24-2022, 11:45 AM
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RE: [GET] Grant Cardone - 42 Courses Collection (283GB)
Thanks - reps to U
04-28-2022, 10:05 AM
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RE: [GET] Grant Cardone - 42 Courses Collection (283GB)
Wowzers. That's over the top, Daily-RP! Thank you!
Live and Learn. Give and Earn.
04-30-2022, 12:32 PM
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RE: [GET] Grant Cardone - 42 Courses Collection (283GB)
Please share new link! Thanks Bro!
05-07-2022, 09:03 PM
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RE: [GET] Grant Cardone - 42 Courses Collection (283GB)
link is dead.
Could you share new link?
09-15-2022, 08:18 AM
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RE: [GET] Grant Cardone - 42 Courses Collection (283GB)
link is dead.
Could you share new link?
10-25-2022, 03:51 AM (This post was last modified: 10-26-2022 03:31 AM by layna61524.)
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RE: [GET] Grant Cardone - 42 Courses Collection (283GB)
[Image: 9c4cf2a67068eec8da782dc5225943b2.png]


Obviously, that Mega link is no more. It appears that it stopped working around the end of April. The size of the file makes it insane to "re-up" and the person who owned that Mega account probably took it down because it had been shared without consent and ended up all over the web. Or Mega took it down due to TOS violations. If the latter was the case, that poor soul probably lost access to their own account over it.

So, please, stop posting for a re-up because none is coming.

From what I can see, daily-rp gave you the link to the site where he found this. If you would go there and read the comment section, you can see that the link is dead. And no one in their right mind is going to upload 283 gigabytes just to have it taken down by Mega again!

The best way to get what you want is to look for individual courses, using one of two search methods:

1 - THE EASY SEARCH: Search for Grant Cardone stuff already shared on BBHF. Oftentimes people share stuff that has already been shared but the title of their posts don't include the actual title of the product (ex: Grant Cardone Stuff). The easiest way to find posts is to type the product or the marketer's name in the SEARCH POST field on BBHF and follow the links. If the link in the OP doesn't work any longer, continue to browse the other posts on the thread because someone may have mirrored it or found an alternate download link.


2 - THE NOT-AS-EASY (BUT A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!) SEARCH: Search for INDIVIDUAL Grant Cardone courses on premium links (ex: Nitroflare, Rapidgator, etc.) or non-premium links (Google Drive, Mega, etc).

You can find some of them on free course download sites and while some of these sites include a Mega link, most will be on premium links (like Nitroflare and Rapidgator) that require a paid account with the premium host provider or a debrid app like Real-Debrid. So you will need an account on a paid, reliable service. I used to use Deepbrid but I am happily on Real-Debrid now.

Here's a Google search I did to find Grant Cardone courses on a free-to-access course download site:

[Image: ed86dedf811b8df0d94c7c774030351c.png]

Follow that link and see what's there.

Here's another search, using Google to look for Grant Cardone courses on a premium link host:

[Image: 61f7f07c489fa0d8f225c7986ee8ea4b.png]

In my search above, I used Rapidgator as my premium host of choice because I have had the least trouble with Real-Debrid converting them to plain links and generating a download. Nitroflare, on the other hand, usually gives me bad results (links dead on the server).

All that's left to do now is copy and paste the RG links into your debrid app and see if the files are available to download.

But, to be clear, if the files are dead on the server, it's not a Real-Debrid issue. You should also know that some of the Mega links on the course download sites can be dead, too. So, it's purely a server-side issue and in most cases, they are down due to DMCA notices or moved by the Mega account holder.

I found Cardone's How to Create Multiple Flows of Income training on dl4all.org and here's a screen-shot of the Rapidgator links in my Real-Debrid account:

[Image: 6743bf855148953d83cf7a9c954cd609.png]

As I said before, Nitroflare links routinely turn RED (meaning the links are dead or are missing on the server) but the Nitroflare links for this Cardone training were good/green:

[Image: 31e078e30ff99416561e099aa1b4947b.png]

I won't be downloading this training due to its size (and my mid-level interest in it) but this post is simply to demonstrate that, in little more than the time it takes you to post for a re-up, you can use more constructive means to find this stuff yourself.

Yeah, it takes time. But how badly do you want it?

And it always helps to have a few useful tools in your arsenal that no self-respecting black-hatter would be without (a debrid app and a high-capacity external hard drive, among others).

There comes a time when you'll need to sacrifice a few dollars here-and-there to get premium-level courses. It pays to have an account on a course download site. I can't name any here but if you like, send me a PM and I'll tell you 2 to 3 I highly recommend. It costs a fraction of the value you'd get during your lifetime membership based on the huge selection of older (hard to find) and recent (newly or recently launched) courses.

If you'd like to read more about How to Create Multiple Flows of Income Training from Grant Cardone, follow this link:


Magic Button :


These are NOT my files, so please don't post to ask for a re-up.

I found the link I'm posting below in the process of looking for Grant Cardone stuff. That link still works, for now but don't waste time or put off grabbing the courses if you want them because the link could be dead by then.

The page is entitled Grant Cardone Bundles while the graphic is entitled Sales Training University, so the only way to know what you're getting is to go to the download page and after an initial download, open the archive and check what's inside.

These files are huge!

March 21, 2022

[Image: 42c77f606858e919fe2c565a42997168.png]

Magic Button :

I did not see anywhere on the download page that a password is required but please be mindful of any information on that download page or in the download (ex: README.txt) that could provide you with assistance.

Thank goodness for those of you who mirror shares but I've come to realize that most here are quick to click a download link but they seem to ignore calls for help. They are of no service to the community.

for reading!