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09-29-2022, 02:34 PM (This post was last modified: 09-29-2022 02:34 PM by Lumos.)
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Lightbulb A request.
Regarding what I dearly hope this section will help folks with...

Getting a small start in MMO;

Being able to see, right in this section - ideas with maybe no more than 5-7 simple steps to get them into motion;

Making a 'safe' place devoid of sales and promo efforts thereby NOT tricking anyone into $pending $$ on shiny objects and/or 'guru turds'.

Then, later, after bringing in their 1st $20 or $50, for members to affirm what actually worked to help them accomplish that.

The gurus see those of us who are still wanting to MMO as 'low hanging fruits', easy targets that are gullible with low resistances to their exaggerated (and usually dishonest) sales pitches.

It is my desire to show folks here that we CAN actually help one another without worrying if someone will 'steal' our big 'secrets' for making some small, but decent returns for our efforts.

Happydance Happydance Happydance
Need more to explore than what is here at BBHF ? Then join MVP ! It is the next step upwards for VIPs.
09-30-2022, 10:54 PM
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RE: A request.
Thanks, Lumos for starting this thread, I will keep an eye on it and see what, snippets of wisdom and helpful tidbits will be posted going forward
10-01-2022, 11:45 PM
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RE: A request.
Thank you and count me in.

The most basic guiding principles that have helped since my Amazon affiliate start in the 90's have been:

1. Honesty
2. Communication
3. Long-term relationships

Best way to operate in all facets of life.
10-22-2022, 05:28 AM
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RE: A request.
I think instead of doing "Affiliate Marketing" the lazy way (that most people have been preaching for years). The next better way to Make Money Online is to do freelancing.

Pick a skill that can create value for others. Put in the reps, get good at it and create content around it while learning the thing. Then create an offering based on that skill and start reaching out to people in the network and audience you've created.

It's better to, later on, create a "offer stack" to have more things people can buy. Something like>
→ One Signature Service (your main offer)
→ One Upgrade (an upsell or an add/on)
→ One Recurring Revenue Service (retainer)

Make a simple funnel. Use one of those services that give you a page to host your socials and links (like linktree or beacons.ai) and direct people from there to your offer.

And from there get people to sign up to an email list for nurture sequences and getting offered more products/services in the future.

It takes more effort upfront to get all set up, but it gives better results in the mid to long term.
03-18-2023, 04:29 PM
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RE: A request.
Dear fellow members and people that once came as guests but stayed to be part of family. I hope as family we can educate ourselves to best practices in order to make legitimate money.

Yesterday i tried to post a request for some aid by members, as unknown to me i didnt know the rules, as always im eager to jump in from the deep end and then (hypothetically) start panicking.

Yesterday the super mod (the one, the only LALA) showed me love and appreciation just by making a simple enquiry.

Today i want to repay that love, im not sure as once again im not good at finding all relevant information and forum rules, so may the mods take pity to some extent without abusing forum rules.

Here is my blueprint to success, i call it the: The survival of the MENTALIST!

I wanted to share an idea its one i thought of, but unfortunatley where i may excel in some forms of areas such as problem solving i lack in other many areas of technical ability and mental capacity to the extent that trying to learn coding and all things that true I Marketers already know i do not possess that ability.

However i am hoping to to learn and as Lala said in their reply to me slow and welcome to learn and take your time. I hope people may even show me the exact blueprint to the blueprint that i am going to share with you guys today!

If you knew anything about my life i feel like i have been spat out and im finally free to live and earn freely without a evil MASTER trying to control me and make me suffer due to his own sadistic pleasures that he probably learnt from his evil MASTER. :).

What i wanted to share here with the community is:

What if we as a family of innovators in business wanted to start a legitimate company whereby successes and opportunities were hopefully generated by as many of us and not until all of us had at least enough to modestly retire on.

So here is my idea, its not a funnel (although im sure people could probably and legitimately go on to make one) but the idea is very simple.

You see marketing gurus and other people selling with online arbitrage and there are many companies now charging monthly fees for access to their APIs that they may have with ecommerce companies. My way of thinking was forward thinking what if instead of charging people monthly fees and limit yourself to people having to afford it what if you opened it freely to anyone and instead of living in a tight squeeze and who has the latest and up to date software what if:

You basically got your income through other forms of IM such as the ones you get for referring people!!!! So you get links unfortunately (as i have no knowledge about APIs and what access you can get from legitimate companies such as ecommerce companies.) What if you took flipmine links of all the latest deals on ebay and you run a script through say python and you took just the sku of what the ebay link is item number and then you mass put those links through ebay to generate affiliate links for yourself and you could do this globally on every market place that ebay has.

You can give similar insight to what type of buying cost is and what type of selliong cost is say on Amazon and now you also have walmart marketplace if there are legitimate people with contacts you could even sell to Walmart about how they can expand where Amazon can not iit may seem like underhand tactics but what it is for most sellers on Amazon is growth and competition is fierce as Walmart has what Amazon can only dream of!

That is brick and mortars!

So the blueprint is:

Take ebay links from software companies (unless you have API access to ecommerce companies) and you run a script from python to take just the latest or whatever links of software companies advertising retail arbitrage and instead of charging monthly fees where by you are limiting yourself you just mass put links through ebay affiliate network to generate your own affiliate links and then you advertise those links to people and you generate income through IM means.

I hope an idea like this comes to fruition as unlike many of you i dont have the skillset or finances (at moment) unless someone is nice enough to give me a full blueprint and literally give me access to over the shoulder info/video to doing this but i hope if im willing to share others may seem the nicety in this and show me their blueprint (im hoping to come as a guest and stay as family)

I also hope that if people have problems then they can literally ask me but also if they want ai then chat gpt is the answer. think of being on school again and instead of using google and looking for keywords go to chat gpt 3.5 and lietrally ask the questions and refine the questions as ask the same question but in a different way to see if results are different.

If you do not know what commands or prompts to use ask gpt that to, thats what i did and it gave me examples of what i should ask!

Lets take on the nasty bullies like GOOGLE and companies that want you to be their slave so that the same companies can be your evil MASTER. Power to the People.

Also i have not fully gone into detail as to what else i think could happen but i hope if there is any legitimate business that can be generated from this then i hope i to can be slowly included to.

AS i would like to see a world liberated and equal opportunity for all irrespective of race, religion creeed or cast rather the only enemy we truly have is the devil himself. and i hope people can be accepting of other religions and societies and cultures as

i believe in WAOR

We Are One Race - Human Race!!!!!!

Lets unite and thrive!

Your brother... Mah121
03-19-2023, 11:05 AM
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Thumbs Up RE: A request.
That is quite the amazing post Mah121 !!

Also - your 116 posts since joining just weeks ago is impressive, so:
Seeing your Rep count is 0 - that needed fixing pronto !!

As to our wonderful super mod Lala - I can only say good things and acknowledge the kindnesses which Lala has shown in the years I've been here.

Having carefully read your 'survival of the MENTALIST' here - I can only tell you that it is well beyond my reach as a semi-retired IT tech as I am 100% a non-coder.

Very, VERY admirable goals:

Quote:Lets take on the nasty bullies like GOOGLE and companies that want you to be their slave so that the same companies can be your evil MASTER. Power to the People.

AS i would like to see a world liberated and equal opportunity for all irrespective of race, religion creeed or cast rather the only enemy we truly have is the devil himself. and i hope people can be accepting of other religions and societies and cultures as

Sadly - AZ and E and Wallymart are also the biggest bullies.

Quote:i believe in WAOR

What does WAOR abbreviation stand for, please ??

As to 'race':

Quote:We Are One Race - Human Race!!!!!!
Lets unite and thrive!

It is too often used as an excuse to compete when we would be better off in cooperation - which most folks sadly fail to see at all.

Universal brotherhood ought to be a standard, rather than all the damaging stuff keeping folks away from working together - this is my POV.

Freely giving our sisters and brothers as much kindness as we can is a way which would quickly begin to heal this poor, tired sick world.

Best Wishes to ALL !!