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05-22-2012, 10:29 PM
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Want To Sell? >>Read This First!!!<<
There is a $40 fee to create a thread in this section, before on year 2014 it was $35, but Admin increase it to $40 since BSO was become so much active, who knows by year 2016 it would be $50, so grab and open a BSO now while it is still $40:

Please follow these 3 easy steps below :

[1] Create a new thread (it will be automatically invisible and waiting for my approval!)

[2] For your thread to go active, Send me a pm and i will give you the invoice on how you can pay for the approval of your BSO..
Magic Button :

[3] After your successful payment was been verified by me your thread will be approved and will be viewable to all members.

Important Notice:
You cannot launch a GB thread on BSO section.
BSO is different from GB
GB is different from BSO
BSO can either be your OWN PRODUCT or you HAVE PERMISSION from the DEVELOPER or CREATOR to sell his/her product.

Good luck with your salesthread,

IMPORTANT THREADs! read before selling or posting a BSO!
BestBlackHatForum Special Offers Forum "Advantage(s)"
BestBlackHatForum Special Offers Forum "RULES"
REVIEW COPIES should not be ASKED!! Unless . . !
Do Not Sell On Other Members' Sales Threads
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