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03-06-2012, 11:25 PM
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(REQ) Kevin Mitnik -Ghost in the Wires download book
(REQ) Kindle version of "Ghost in The Wires" by Kevin Mitnik Worlds most Famous Hacker.
I am reading a hard back version of this book. It is GREAT and everyone on the BH Forum should read it. I would like to have it in kindle format.
After finishing this book I have mixed emotions. My Technical side says I admire what has done and he is my HERO.
But my non technical side says he has cost everyone in the USA a fortune in the expenses that the FBI, local police organization, and corporations spent in tracking him down and putting him in jail.
He also has two other books that I have not read yet.
"The Art of Intrusion"
"The Art of Deception"
Anyone who can provide any of his books in Kindle or PDF format I would appreciate it.
I also would like to download the unauthorized movie about him. It was called "Track Down" and a documentary called
"Freedom Downtime " by Kevins supporters.

I enjoy greatly being part of the BH Community.
The bestblackhatforum is really the best.
Keep the shares coming.