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04-19-2016, 04:42 AM (This post was last modified: 05-03-2016 01:44 PM by TheNexus.)
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[Must Read] BBHF Signature Rules
Signature Rules:

Due to continued abuse of the members signature system the following rules come into force from today, April 18th 2016.

The following will not be allowed in your signature:
1) Do not advertise anything for sale in your signature unless you have an active BSO for it.

2) No affiliate links are allowed. This includes having a link to any website that aggregates affiliate offers such as coupon sites etc.

If you wish to promote an affiliate product link you may only do so by creating a thread in the "Self Promotion and Referral Affiliate Offers" section:


3) You cannot link out to any forum or site that covers similar subject matter to BBHF.

4) You Cannot include any outside contact links such as Skype or email addresses.

5) This list is not exhaustive and a member of the Moderating Team may remove or ask you to remove your signature at their discretion.

The following will be allowed in your signature:
1) If you have a current active BSO you may put a link to your BSO thread, or you can link to your own website that has your BSO Product.

2) If you have a current active GB you may put a link to your GB thread.

3) If you are an active contributor here at BBHF you may have an affiliate link to a FREE file hosting service if it rewards you with extra space per sign up. This does not apply to services that requires the user to pay a fee to access the fastest download speeds.

4) You may link to any thread here on BBHF.

5) You may link to the Blackhat Torrents Project.

6) VIP member have the right to add your own blog or website url provided it is NOT an affiliate link website.
Officially link your website on our link exchange:

7) Image Signature should not exceed 468(length) x 60(height) [468 x 60]

8) Proverbs, quote and wise sayings are allowed.

Additional Points:
1) If you wish to use an image or banner in your signature then the maximum size allowed is 468 x 60 pixels and should be in .gif format.

2) Moderators reserve the right to delete your signature at any time.

3) Continued breaches of the signature rules will result in the following:
After 1st Warning: 1 Week BAN from BBHF.
After 2nd Warning: 1 Month BAN from BBHF.
Any Further Breach: Permanent BAN from BBHF.