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03-09-2011, 09:23 AM
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How to cheat checkpoints, shopkick and WEreward
How to cheat checkpoints, shopkick and WEreward

basically, these free iphone/itouch
apps allow you earn points that you can redeem for gifcards such as
amazon, best buy, itunes, etc.

[ checkpoints and shopkick ]

how this works:

the app locates you via GPS and gives you a list of participating
stores. you can simply scroll down to list and check in to gain a modest
amount of points. both apps have limits on how many simple checkins you
can do a day. i know as you level up via shopkick you can scan more and
more checkins daily.

[Image: shopkickcheckin.jpg]

[Image: checkpointscheckin.jpg]

the big points, however, come from scanning products at locations. ( if you have an iTouch, you will need one with a camera )

[Image: shopkickscan.jpg]

[Image: checkpointsscan.jpg]

now, here is where some of the cheating begins. you dont actually have
to be in the store to scan items. so, i have compiled images for the
majority of products available. they are located here:


simply unpack the file and open the webpage (index.html) to bring up all
the barcodes that you will need. simply scan these thru shopkick or
checkpoints. you need to wait a short while between scans. checkpoints
makes you wait longer than shopkick.

so far i have all the grocery barcodes as well as best buy and american
eagle. if there are some in your area that i do not have on the page,
please PM me the info and i will try to get it.

also, if your phone is jailbroken, you can download fakelocation or
locspoof to trick these apps into showing your more stores and giving
you more checkin opportunities. i have done a bit of spoofing and have
not been banned yet, but keep in mind that these companies may monitor
what locations you are in and how long it takes to you get to your next
checkin. sooo, if you are in CA, dont checkin in NY 5min later

when you do, you will receive 300 bonus points which is enough for a $1
amazon credit which they will email you. you will be able to add it to
your amazon balance instantly.

im also checking out an app called WEreward. they are very similar to
the previous apps, but they ask you to take a picture of yourself with a
product in front of a store. im going to test it and see if i can use
anyones picture and get credit. if that works, i will add pictures to
the list of barcodes for shopkick and checkpoints. check back in soon!

Too Busy in 3 things right now.
1) Downloading
2)Backing Up Files
3) Uploading