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01-24-2014, 09:59 PM
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[Get] Overnight SEO Consultant - How To Build A Profitable Online Business Virtually Overnight
Overnight SEO Consultant - How To Build A Profitable Online Business Virtually Overnight

[Image: 7b5a4dcb41fda780894739402343c75f.jpg]

Grab This Huge, Nearly 2 GB Consulting Package and:
- Avoid the costly mistakes that many web marketing consultants make
- Discover new, powerful marketing strategies to get your client list growing fast
- Build a highly profitable full-time or part-time business
- Learn from a 15-year internet marketing veteran 'Consultant to Consultants'

Welcome to the "Scratch and Dent Sale" of The Overnight SEO Consultant Home Study Course

Your Course Contains:

* 19 Powerful Internet Marketing Consulting Training Videos
* 8 Audio CDs
* 69 Sample Documents
* 3 Sample Client-Attracting Worksheets

This is NOT a course on SEO theory. This is a TOOLKIT for attracting and getting and servicing high-profit potential offline consulting clients.

Here's an overview of the contents:

Module 1: Introduction To Our Proven Prospecting System + Course Overview

- You'll discover ...

- Exactly What Is Needed To Get You Started And In The Right Mindset for Achieving Big Results Fast

- This Quick-Start program represents a little more than an hour of video instructions that show how to find high-probability clients worth pursuing, without having to spend any money to find good clients. Please do not skip this material. It provides foundation instructions and "more than one way to skin this SEO client getting cat" plus gives an overview of the process we will go into greater detail in the main course
Total Value: $297

Module 2: Sales Prospecting Processes To Uncover Local Opportunities

- You'll discover ...

- My exact tested "no-cold calling" client attracting method. You'll also get multiple step-by-step word tracks for finding and converting potential leads into clients

- THE PROSPECTING KIT - these are the actual presentation materials I use when presenting my services to business owners and decision-makers face-to-face. [hint use this yourself or get others to do the work for you]
Total Value: $297

Module 3: Client-Mesmerizing Questionnaire

Our Hypnotic Client-Mesmerizing Questionnaire That Leaves Qualified Business Owners Virtually Powerless To Resist Paying Top Fees For Your Services

- You'll also discover ...

- My step-by-step tested method for getting clients to say "yes" to hiring you. You will become the obvious choice even among competitors with greater experience who simply 'wing it'.

- This is my actual tested hypnotic client-mesmerizing questionnaire that leaves business owners almost powerless to pay high fees for your services
Total Value: $297

Module 4: Credibility Building Tools

- You'll discover ...

- My Personal Swipe File of Credibility Building Tools that present nearly anyone as the obvious expert, even if you know nearly nothing about SEO

- All the sample articles and newsletters I use for generating leads and positioning myself as an expert's expert
Total Value: $297

Module 5: Powerful Case Studies

- You'll discover ...

- Additional tools and Proof That will Make You An Instant Expert in the eyes of local business owners
Total Value: $297

Module 6: How To Offer High-End Services That Pay Big Money

- You'll discover...

- The Three Primary Areas of Big Payout SEO Services to offer

- Baker's Dozen - Profit Building Strategies that increase your income exponentially

- SEO Online Marketing Success (ooc+dm+ra) Mindmap of services to offer, so you don't have to guess at where to begin creating a winning SEO marketing plan for just about any SEO client you ever take on
Total Value: $297

Module 7: Servicing The Client For Big Money

- You'll discover ...

- Exactly how to manage client expectations so your clients will feel hiring you was the best decision of their career, and so you get ongoing referrals from happy clients again and again

- A complete list of recommended tools and tactics I use every to get and service clients and keep them happy
Total Value: $297

Module 8: The Wrap Up

- You'll discover ...

- A complete Break Down of All The additional Forms And Supplies And Tools I Use To Get And Service Clients. Nothing is left to chance

- All the legal agreements I use for ?locking down? proposal of as much as $12,000 per project

- Plus you get a summary of the material and a game plan of what to do today, tomorrow and the next day so your new career really takes flight

- ...all this is just the beginning We have planned out additional client-getting and cash-boosting bonuses for weeks to come?to help you as you continue growing your business. All at no extra charge to you.

[Image: 2737784021d8d4c2eff4033fc84c9986.gif]

Make Mirror PLEASE....


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see you at the top
01-25-2014, 12:59 AM
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RE: [Get] Overnight SEO Consultant - How To Build A Profitable Online Business Virtual...
[Get] Overnight SEO Consultant - How To Build A Profitable Online Business Virtually Overnight
Free pack of coins to get free traffic
01-25-2014, 01:37 AM
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this is a huge share... a torrent would be better... anyone have the direct download links... i am still looking... found some mirrors

Magic Button :
http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/6bfcdb23ed9cda0a184301a770a9c3f9/Overnight.SEO.Consultant.part1.rar.html

http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/2866448edcc50690c33b2682f9339c2e/Overnight.SEO.Consultant.part2.rar.html

http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/3dc61c1620d1a5b18bc0e41dabd52557/Overnight.SEO.Consultant.part3.rar.html

http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/3b5a489423986db3cdee4361438692af/Overnight.SEO.Consultant.part4.rar.html

http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/9fe2399a6730bdabd380012767722033/Overnight.SEO.Consultant.part5.rar.html






now how about a torrent? or at least a review, this is from 2009 after all
my mentor said to DREAM BIGGER
because sometimes small dreams are not worth having!
02-21-2015, 08:30 AM
Post: #4
anyone can reupload this?
03-14-2015, 07:56 AM
Post: #5
Re-up for this share anyone? Thanks.
03-14-2015, 11:40 AM
Post: #6
Re Up load plzzz
03-14-2015, 03:19 PM
Post: #7
d***, missed it. Anyone want to re up, please. Come on folks, do a fellow a favor and re up this puppy.
03-15-2015, 07:14 AM
Post: #8
I think it's a little MUCH asking anyone to re-upload any share this OLD and BIG. Too dated.
03-15-2015, 08:22 AM
Post: #9
I found it on my backup drive, so make mirror ^^

03-18-2015, 03:17 PM
Post: #10
here are working filetut mirrors
as requested, here you go... this unzips to 1.89GB
these are filetut mirrors in only 4 parts, not the best, but they work...
yes, the free inks, they just take a while, what do you expect for free?
  • Magic Button :




    p.s. yes, this course is from 2009

my mentor said to DREAM BIGGER
because sometimes small dreams are not worth having!