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[GET] ||MOD and EXEC VIP Reviews + PROOF || How I Made $10k in 3 weeks
||MOD and EXEC VIP Reviews + PROOF || How I Made $10k in 3 weeks. (V2.0 - June)
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is NOT your average “Get Rich Quick Without Doing Anything“ kind of stuff. These things DO NOT WORK, or even if they do, they will not make you a STABLE $10,000 per month. If you are afraid of working (even if I tell you step-by-step what to do) then look elsewhere. Or better yet – get back to your day job because you simply aren’t cut out for it!


It has been over a year since the release of Warrior Cash (v.1.0) and it has generated more success stories than we ever imagined (just look at the testimonials below!). While we’ve been busy with other projects, we have finally put together a new version of Warrior Cash, packed with TONS of fresh stuff, including:

1. Everything is up to date, following the latest trends and strategies that work in 2012.

2. Bryan’s 7 NEW (2012) hottest tips and tricks, including:
- Extremely powerful copywriting technique for newbies!
- MASSIVE free traffic source for your product (I’m talking 1000s of hits per week)
- Pricing your WSO properly (this defines if you make $100 or $10,000!)
- Our Secret Guide to Niche Selection.
- Professional’s Guide to ELIMINATING Piracy

3. 100% FREE Professional Review Service. I will review your materials personally and give you professional feedback!

Do you want to know how I milked $10,000 out of a
forum you’ve probably heard of ... in 3 weeks?

(and another $50k over the next 5 months ... but that’s a different story)

I’m proud to present:
[Image: warriorcash_small.jpg]

Hey there!

If you’ve been around for a while then chances are that you’ve either seen my posts here on BHW or even spoken to me or done business with me – so I probably won’t need to bother you with a long introduction of who I am and what I do.

Just quickly – myself and Bryan (bryanon - another Executive VIP here on BHW) were the guys behind Killer Flipping Secrets – the product that not only got raving reviews (some went as far as calling it “the bible of site flipping“) but netted us a cool $60k.


But first things first – let’s see what some of the most reputable members of BHW had to say about Warrior Cash after they had gone through all of the material:

From WizGizmo:

I was fortunate enough to get an early look at this product. VERY well put together and and very actionable.

And as most of you already know, Meathead is one of BHW's most prolific idea men. Highly recommended!

Cheers! - "Wiz"

From Bamafan84:

From BassTrackerBoats:
Quote: I got this last night about 9:00 PM and started reading it and reading
it and reading it... it is absolutely chock full of winning information.

It's nuts the effort Thomas and Bryan put into this ebook and the detail
that is offered is not something that I have ever seen in an ebook.

I've known these guys for a while and have done business with them on
several levels and have always thought that they were sharp guys that
put out a good product but this really takes the cake.

If reading this ebook you don't get so excited that your mind starts
racing about all the possibilities of what you can create and how much
money you can make, then you simply do not have a pulse and should seek
medical attention immediately!

Selling this @ 97.00 seems like they are only going to get minimum wage for the time they had to put in to write this.

Oh yeah, on other thing... if you want fluff, you won't find it here... try aisle 4 at your local grocery store for that.
From LukaB:
Quote: I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this from Bryan and Thomas.

This is a truly amazing ebook, it consists of 114 pages, and the ebook
is FULL of PURE information, they have explained every single step,
including the tiny bits which we all miss out.

Bryan and Thomas have sold an ebook and made over $60,000 pure profit, I
was stunned at the beginning when I heard that, but after reading this,
I understand why their ebook they sold made over $60,000 pure profit.

The ebook gives you full details of what you have to do, and how to keep
your customers satisfied, how to get lots of sales, how to make a fancy
title, how to choose a decent price for the ebook, how to get the
information, the tiny things that boost your sales a lot, and much more.
Every single step is explain in details fully, I just don’t know what
to write how stunned am I after reading this, I actually don’t know how
to express what I have learnt, because there’s simply too much too much
of great information. And the bonuses are great too! If you are a
professional, or a total newbie in Internet Marketing, this is the right
thing to use your money on! I myself guarantee that it will surely
boost your sales!

Sounds good so far?

It gets better :-)

The main “cash cow“ in this industry is Warrior Forum. And many of you know that. But what many of you DON’T know is that those claiming to have “found success“ by making $1000 or $2000 in a week on WF don’t actually know what success is!

About a year ago Bryan and I, personally, (no jokes), went on to Warrior Forum and cashed in $60,000 (yeah, 60 grand) by working for less than a week. These are real figures – and I’ve even gone as far as including screenshots for you guys .. to make your mouths wet :-)

What we’re giving you is a complete case study including a STEP BY STEP BLUEPRINT on how we did it!


Fair enough!

So everyone knows (well not everyone as I just saw a book on this topic, claiming to reveal a "secret", LOL) that it's possible to show quite serious profit by putting together what I call "Instant eBooks" and selling the exclusive rights later on, right?

But here's the secret - try to do it and I can almost guarantee you that you'll work your ass off and make $500 max! (And making only $500 out of a product is a complete failure. Even if you do spend only 5 days preparing it.)

What Bryan and I will do is literally walk you through EVERY SINGLE STEP WE TOOK to make a cool total of $62,420 with ONE SINGLE eBOOK ...... and get that .... BY PUTTING LESS THAN 7 DAYS INTO PREPARING IT!!!!

And the best thing of all?


Alright, I’m not saying that YOU could go post a WSO and cash in 60k. We did have a lot of experience on the subject matter and – to be perfectly honest – we put our very best knowledge into the product.

But what I AM saying is that you can EASILY make $10k out of your VERY FIRST Warrior Special Offer that you post!! And I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do it!

“Umm, yea, but I can just surf the net and get all that information without paying you guys for it, right? Or I’ll just look at the stuff you wrote for KFS and copy it?“


In fact, feel free to spend days after days after weeks after weeks surfing the net, finding tons of “quality information“. But apart from the information, here’s a few more things that you’ll end up with:

  1. A few weeks (actually more) of your time wasted. To us (and soon to you), few weeks is worth $10k!
  2. Saturated tactics that DO NOT WORK any longer.
  3. Flawed advice, given by people who DO NOT HAVE FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE in what they’re teaching you.

    Here’s the REAL secret: Successful marketers DO NOT give away their best kept secrets and most profitable tactics for free! EVER! Not even on BHW! Fact!

    Now. Would you rather spend many weeks (if not months) WORKING YOUR ASS OFF before achieving your first $100 day AND risk that the next day will once again make you a nice, round $0? Or would you learn the right strategies right now, see the $100 day in less than 15 days and safely cash out all your earnings? The choice is yours ..


    1.A COMPLETE eCourse showing you step by step how you can create your OWN product (even if you have no experience!) and launch it for $10k.

    2.FULL HANDS-ON TOOLBOX that will help you get started in a few easy steps! This toolbox contains even the list of all the resources and materials that Bryan and I personally use.

    3.THE 1-DAY STARTUP GUIDE for those of you who don’t even have as much as $150 to invest. We will give you THREE fool proof methods on how to turn $0 (yeah, zero, nada, zip) into $150!

    4. OUR PERSONAL CHECKLISTS, making your first product launch a breeze!

    5.A TON of extra tips and tricks delivered to you over the next 8 weeks. This includes some of the VERY BEST STUFF we’ve come up with!

    6.(And get that ....) DIRECT ACCESS to both myself and Bryan. For full 45 days!

    You see - I get about 500 PMs EVERY SINGLE MONTH here on BHW and almost never bother to reply because I simply don’t have the time. But the limited number of people who secure a copy of this course will have DIRECT ACCESS to me to ask any questions / get advice!


    Not quite! Similarly to the fact that we’re selling only limited copies isn’t a “marketing trick“, neither is the fact that we’re not doing this to make loads of money.

    Bryan and I have a list of nearly 10,000 paying customers so sending this page to them would result in 10 TIMES more sales than opening it here.

    If you’ve been following me around then you know that I’m here on BHW mostly to have a good time and to help people by giving them my advice. I’m not here to to get rich, and neither is Bryan. We make the majority of our money from our main business.

    We are only selling limited copies because each copy includes PERSONAL access to us and we simply do not have enough time to take more than 50-100 people on board.


    My question is simple, really. Who do you trust?

    I want you to think about this one question for a second. Who do you think you should REALLY trust to give you advice on how to take your online earnings to the next level?

    I really doubt it should be one of those “gurus“ who claim to know how to make you rich but in reality haven’t ever made a single penny using the “methods“ they teach you.

    I also doubt it’s people who post on forums and share their advice – sure, you find a great piece or two every now and then – but the reality is that MOST successful people don’t give their tips and tricks away on forums – and even if they do, they won’t be there to support you on your journey. It will also take you ages to filter through all the things that are NOT working.

    Why not get your advice from two long-time BHW members who you KNOW you can trust and who you KNOW actually “walk the walk“ ? Neither Bryan nor I have ever taught anything that we don’t have extensive first-hand experience with. And we never will!

    It’s quite simple really – I just can’t afford to ruin my reputation on BHW by offering you something that’s not worth every single penny that I ask for it. If I did it then it would be the worst business decision I’ve ever made.


    Just check out all the great reviews we’re getting already from fellow BHW members!


    At the time Bryan and I made the $60k that we’ll let you replicate we had:

    1. No list. Not even a SINGLE SUBSCRIBER.
    2. Absolutely no industry contacts.
    3. No “names“. No-one knew who the hell we were.
    4. No money. Yeah, bad summer, long story. We were broke.
    5. NOT EVEN A PAYPAL ACCOUNT (an even longer story. LOL!)

      And as you know – the proven formula of success is taking successful people and COPYING them. This is EXACTLY what you’ll be able to do!

      (if you already haven’t ...)

      So you’re ready to pull the plunge and join the 1% of marketers who make REAL money?

      You’ll be able to do it in a second. But let’s talk about the financial commitment.

      I want you to realise that the ONLY other decent product that I’ve seen on this subject (and I’ve seen loads) is Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. And guess what – it costs $1,997! As a matter of fact you can’t even buy it for $1,997 any longer because it’s SOLD OUT!

      We made a “mistake“ of selling Killer Flipping Secrets for $197 (the forum price was even cheaper - $97). Why a mistake? Because most people told me that we could’ve charged a typical “guru price“ for it. Guru price, by the way, means $500 and up.

      Did we learn from our mistake? Well, not really.

      We’re pretty sure that many people will value this product at $1,000+ as well, but as I said above, we’re not doing this to make lots of money (how could we if we’re only selling limited copies!) so we’re not going to charge anything near $1,000.

      I was very close to doing $497.

      As a matter of fact, getting the whole package will cost you as little as $97.

      You see - $97 makes it available to most of you. Anyone who can't afford the $97 have bigger issues to deal with than what we and our course can help them resolve.

      That’s all there is to it!

      And please – keep the “you should’ve charged at least $1997“ comments to yourself. It only makes us feel bad :-)

      Catch you later!


      P.S. Aaaah, I nearly forgot. The dreaded PROOF. You see – we made an additional $30k by FLIPPING Killer Flipping Secrets – and this was a public auction on Flippa. So all you need to do is click here and check out the screenshots (scroll down and look at the right side of the page). Over there, you’ll find _ALL_ sales proof of this the product. The very same product that was built using tactics that we will show YOU how to replicate!

      P.P.S. Remember – if you’re not COMPLETELY HAPPY with the product and feel that you need more information or tactics then you will have direct access to Bryan and I for FULL 45 DAYS – and you can count on us helping you out!

      Final note from Thomas: worried this method might be "dead"? Think we might have forgotten how to sell sites? We've sold 1.3 MILLION dollars in sites on Flippa. Absolutely no-one has sold more. Ever. Check out our profile if you don't believe me ;)


Download - Warrior Cash v2
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[GET] ||MOD and EXEC VIP Reviews + PROOF || How I Made $10k in 3 weeks
Thanks. I am looking for this. Good to see this shared. Thank you.
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[GET] ||MOD and EXEC VIP Reviews + PROOF || How I Made $10k in 3 weeks
Thanks a lot, hope this will work for me.
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[GET] ||MOD and EXEC VIP Reviews + PROOF || How I Made $10k in 3 weeks
thanks man, will try this!!
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[GET] ||MOD and EXEC VIP Reviews + PROOF || How I Made $10k in 3 weeks
yay now this is one amazing ebook :). Lets see how valliable is it :).
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[GET] ||MOD and EXEC VIP Reviews + PROOF || How I Made $10k in 3 weeks
thnks for nice share
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[GET] ||MOD and EXEC VIP Reviews + PROOF || How I Made $10k in 3 weeks
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[GET] ||MOD and EXEC VIP Reviews + PROOF || How I Made $10k in 3 weeks
Where is the one day startup guide?
07-24-2012, 12:04 AM
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[GET] ||MOD and EXEC VIP Reviews + PROOF || How I Made $10k in 3 weeks
Where is the one day startup guide?
10-02-2012, 08:08 PM
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could someone reup this one?