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09-22-2011, 11:38 AM (This post was last modified: 09-22-2011 12:23 PM by Omni Potens.)
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[GET] Instant Cash Machines
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Quote: I highly recommend this to everyone, no matter how experienced or how new. You put it right out there, no hiding or mincing around. Thanks, Andy
Hi fellow Warrior,

My name is Mike Carraway and I want to let you in on THE "secret" that changed my life forever...
I know a lot of people know me and my products and some even consider me some kind of "expert". And while it's true that I have made a lot of sales and make 5 figures or more every month online... it wasn't always that way.
In fact...
I struggled for 8 Years trying to find a "Winning Formula"
A recipe. The "secret". The "one big thing" I was missing.
And believe me - I paid my dues.
I bought at least $5,000 worth of "how to make money online" products and tools and systems. I spent countless hours staying up late and getting up bleary eyed just trying to "figure it out".
Nothing Seemed to Work - NOTHING
And believe me - I tried just about every new gimmick, every new piece of software, every idea. I wrote ebooks that no one would buy. I wrote articles that only got meager trickles of traffic.
I tried backlinking, SEO, list building. I tried using new gimmicky software tricks that were supposed to "EXPLODE my site with traffic". I even (and I'm embarrassed to tell you this) bought into some of the big "guru" launches.
And even after spending all the time and money - I realized that...
All the IM Skills I had Acquired were WORTHLESS
And that was a sad day.
I admit that after 8 years of trying to make money online and making only a buck or two here and there, I was ready to throw in the towel. I admit it - I wanted to quit and give it up.
I was about to turn into a "quitter".
Later the same week, on a Sunday afternoon, I was going thru my hard drive, looking thru all of the shiny goodies I had purchased over the years - and I saw something - just one little thing...
And then I started looking thru several different products, and then looked at more folders and more products. And I saw that one "little thing" over and over and over... and it hit me like a ton of bricks:
That One "Little Thing" was THE BIG THING
All those years of searching and trying all that stuff... and all the while the ONE BIG THING was sitting there on my hard drive. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME - staring me in the face. And NOW - at last - I "got it".
Since that one "AWE FILLED" moment, I have been able to create one 5 figure product after another. In fact, this year alone, I have used this "ONE BIG THING" to produce 9 top selling, wildly popular and successful revenue streams.
And THEN - I met Cory Friedman...and we started chatting...
It turned out that Cory had been using the SAME EXACT thing to bang out one cash gushing site after another for the last 6 years! Not only that - he had accomplished it across 12 different niche markets!
And that "ONE THING" Caused an
Check out some of his sales stats (just for a few of the sites!)
[Image: cory.png]

And just to MAKE SURE you know that I have been getting the EXACT SAME type of results for using this same system, here's a screenshot of my earnings from ONE SOURCE just this year:
[Image: mike.png]
So you can see - this works across different niches and different sales platforms and it's EASY once you know the "secret".
And Now - we're going to Give YOU THE Secret
Mike Carraway and Cory Friedman present:
Instant Cash Machines
[Image: large.png]

We're finally revealing the secret formula that myself (and those ‘in the know’) depend on to consistently ‘bang-out’ one cash-s******, list-exploding ‘best-seller’ after another... with very little effort and ZERO guesswork….


Pre-sales page plus Q and A session

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09-22-2011, 11:40 AM
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RE: [GET] Instant Cash Machines
If in case you guys want a platinum upgrade: