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09-27-2012, 11:00 AM
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[GET] HMA Marketing Consulting Training by Richard Johnson *REAL Offline MARKETING*
Now you can use Richard's simple, risk-free home study system to...

Become A High Paid Marketing Coach In 45 Days Or Less... Even If You Have No Prior Marketing, Business Or Consulting Experience

My 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee To You:

"If you qualify for Richard's system, you will be able to use everything for 45 days at my risk. If you haven't gotten your first paying client in that time, send it back and owe nothing. This way all the risk is on my shoulders and there is simply no way you can lose."

See the letter below for more details...

Dear Student,

With the information in this letter you will learn about a simple, painless and inexpensive way to become a marketing coach.

It doesn't matter what your current skills are now. And it doesn't matter if you have any "connections" or business experience.

In fact, all you really need are a few simple systems my friend Richard has developed over the years to become an in-demand marketing coach.

And the best part is, you do NOT have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for these secrets...and you can even use them yourself.

This Marketing Consultant Training is Almost Free, If You Choose.

I'll explain the details of this offer in a second.

But first, let my past HMA consultants share with you some of their experiences in how they were able to get their first clients using the HMA Marketing Consulting System.

Then let me tell you what's in Richard's Hidden Marketing Assets system, and how you can be up and running soon after getting it.

To begin with, click here to review a few of the stories from 2010 and 2011 and 2012 HMA Marketing Consultants.

Reading how they're able to grab their first clients will help you understand what HMA is all about in a way I'll never be able to describe to you in this letter below.

So I think it's important you spend a few seconds checking these stories out. They'll give you a first look at what it's like to grab your first client right out of the gate.

If you do your homework, you'll find there are several competing marketing consulting opportunities in the marketplace. And I'll be the first to advise you to look into all of them before you invest in any of them, including Richard's HMA System.

I've interviewed countless people who have paid enormous fees to attend these trainings.

I have received firsthand feedback on Y2 Marketing, Action International, Quantum, Topline, Peter Sun Consulting, Duck Tape Marketing and other opportunities and many of them are actually pretty good.

But what separates Richard's system from the other ones I've seen is that, with Richard's system, you don't have to have previous marketing experience, a load of business connections or even a lot of money to get started.

In fact, Richard will be the first person to tell you if he can do it...you can do it.

How can he be so sure?

Because when Richard started he was broke himself, and had very poor selling, speaking, marketing and presentation skills. And even today...

He's Just As Shy And "Introverted" As The Next Guy.

In fact, the only difference between you and Richard - is because of a simple system he invented after attending a Jay Abraham marketing consulting seminar over 22 years ago.

You see, Richard discovered that while Jay Abraham really is a marketing genius, his system (like most other marketing coaching programs today) was not geared toward "ordinary" people who don't have a lot of money or natural marketing talents.

Jay Abraham in the early 1990s had credibility, contacts and millions of dollars. The training Jay taught was from his own millionaire perspective.

But Richard was nearly broke. So broke he had to borrow money from his Dad to attend Jay's training. Richard had no credibility and few contacts.

And when Richard went out in the field to test Jay's teachings, he failed.

Richard did not quit. After years of experimenting and organizing the marketing concepts into a workable system, Richard began to experience success.

Richard had discovered his own unique "system" to make money as a marketing coach that is easy to follow and simple to learn.

Richard had created a system that will work whether you are a millionaire like Jay Abraham or broke like Richard, struggling to make the rent.

It's taken Richard 15 years to perfect and tens of thousands of dollars working out the "bugs" and getting his system so you can approach a variety of businesses to offer your consulting services.

And since sharing his system to the public, Richard has trained marketing coaches in the US, the UK, Nigeria, Luxemburg, Australia, Greece, Ireland, Canada and even Holland (some who were totally new to marketing when they started).

He's also got Dell and IBM using and teaching his marketing system in their online learning management platforms.

Here's why...

With Richard's system all you do is use the tools he's created for you the exact way he says to use them.

While other consulting trainings tell you to make prospecting calls yourself, Richard's system trains you to pay others to do your prospecting for you.

Take for instance, the telephone prospecting scripts in the system.

All you do is take these proven phone scripts, hand them to a part-time telemarketer with good leads that fit your target market, and have him or her call businesses and read the scripts word for word.

With this method for getting new clients you do none of the calling and you can still generate clients.

This way you can be sleeping in, playing golf, or even taking a vacation...and still generate good quality appointments.

Without Making The Calls Yourself

Plus... In addition to phone scripts, you'll get an audio training called "How To Get Appointments" which takes your people step by step through the whole process on how to use the scripts.

That means, if you don't want to pay a lot of money for a professional telemarketer, just hire a student or a stay-at-home mom and give her the "How To Get Appointments" training and she can be as good (if not better) than anyone else at getting you appointments.

You may have to go through a few people to find the right one, but once you find a good caller, you can have them stay on with you for years.

Of course, the phone is not the only way to get clients.

Your HMA system also has direct-mail letters for selling your consulting services such as:
An approach letter.
A joint venture letter and
A follow-up letter.
And with these tools you'll be hitting your prospects from every conceivable angle, giving yourself the maximum chance of capturing high-quality clients within days of starting your consulting business.

And if you're really ambitious, then you can also use Richard's system to create what's called "the podium effect."

What's the podium effect?

The podium effect is this phenomenon where people automatically respect, trust and believe people who talk at seminars or small workshops.

And since Richard also includes prewritten seminar and workshop fliers, you can use them to fill a room, give your presentation and generate interested clients who want to hire you.

Not sure how good you'll be at putting on a presentation?

No problem.

Because Richard has already created a powerful, professional seminar outline for you -- complete with a PowerPoint presentation and all the training you need to be up and running fast.

This is the same presentation Richard currently uses to capture clients today.

More on this later.

You won't have to try and figure anything out or structure your presentation. Just plug in Richard's "pre-made" seminar presentation; follow the word-for-word transcripts and you'll be delivering a powerful, proven presentation that educate and position your as a consulting expert.

Easy As 1-2-3.

And here's something else to think about:

With Richard's system you won't have to worry about not having a reputation or a "track record" of helping business owners with their marketing.

If you've never done consulting before, I know what you may be thinking now. You're asking yourself, why should these business owners believe anything I say?

You're afraid that they will ask you for proof that you can get results. You think they'll want referrals before they work with you.

You're thinking that you have no credibility. This is only an illusion in your imagination.

It's a FEAR not based on reality.

I am here to tell you this will not happen to you and here's why.

You must understand that your clients are not interested in you. They are only interested in the results you can bring to them.

Being a fully certified HMA Marketing coach means you'll be able to draw on the successful track record of the HMA system.

It's actually pretty simple:

Richard has discovered a proven way for you to use his testimonials, his stories and his success for your business. And by following Richard's simple instructions, you'll be able to "borrow" Richard's credibility for yourself.

Plus, you will also learn how to "create" your own credibility within the first thirty minutes of meeting a potential client…

Without Needing ANY Testimonials, Success Stories or Past Successes.

This is one of Richard's "trade secrets."

And it can work like gangbusters if you use it.

But here's the thing...

Getting the appointment or filling a room with prospects is only step one.

You can get all the appointments in the world...but if you can't close the client, then it's all for nothing.

Richard knows this more than anyone.

And after spending hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars of "trial and error" -- he has created a truly foolproof system that lets a trained consultant turn up to 25% of your appointments into paying clients.

And what makes this possible is Richard's proprietary "opportunity analysis worksheet and training."

With this training and simple document, you can walk into any business that has hidden marketing assets, command immediate respect and attention and become the marketing "miracle man." to that owner of the business.

The reason why is because this opportunity analysis worksheet lets you literally "make over" a business owner's marketing and show them exactly how you will create real cash profits right before their eyes.

And if the business owner you are talking with has any desire to grow his business at all...then he will have no choice but to be impressed by you and want to work with you.

In fact, the opportunity analysis worksheet makes converting appointments into paying clients simple.

You Can Even Do It Over The Phone

Richard also shows you how to charge for fees and even get paid on a portion of the sales you make for your clients for years into the future.

This is called a "contingency" fee agreement.

This should only be used with a client after they have paid you to do some project work.

Other expensive consulting opportunities teach you that contingency is the only and best way to sell consulting services.

And this can work but often the consultant finds them selves in a compromising position.

They end up working many hours with only a promise to get paid. The clients has nothing to loose and since you've never worked with this client before you risk working for little or no money.

It's like getting married on the first date.

It seems like a good idea at first but later you realize it was a big mistake.

But, if you do it Richard's way and "Date" your client for a while it can work out great like this:

And it's so easy once you understand Richard's system.

Because Richard really has done 90% of the "work" for you already.

For example, his system includes...

Endorsed letter samples.

All you do is find businesses that sell similar (but not competing) products and services as the business you are helping and strike a simple deal with them where they send your offer to their customer list for a portion of the profits.

This way, you and your client make a bundle off the initial sales, and an even bigger windfall from additional sales later.

All from leads that didn't cost your client a penny to generate.

Client reactivating letter samples.

This is your easiest way to make fast cash for you and your client because almost NOBODY goes after his or her inactive clients and customers.

And all you do is take one of your prewritten letters and send it to your client's inactive customers.

Watch your clients shake their heads in disbelief as inactive customers (they thought would never buy again) come back to life -- spending their money with your clients again and again and again.

And remember, if you set up simple contingency deals with these clients (as Richard explains in his system)...

You Can Get Paid On All This Action, Too.

Letter templates.

For things like special promotions, unique sales and other events. Richard has used each one of these letters in his own consulting practice and have worked well for him.

Anyway, these are just a few of the reasons why you should consider the coaching business part or full time.

And realize this:

Every time you make one of your clients money using Richard's "paint by numbers" pre-created tools...

You're On Your Way To Becoming Your City's Marketing And Business Guru.

And you'll have the instant reputation as the guy who can turn straw into gold.

You'll be the person your clients won't be able to help but rave about to their business friends who may also pay for your expert advice.

And your whole consulting practice can "snowballs" from there until you have a controlled stream of clients and profits coming in.

As I said before, I have seen all the other marketing coaching programs out there. And I have not yet seen anything that even comes close to Richard's system.

But you certainly don't have to take my word for it because as you will see, you can try everything almost free for 30 days if you want and you'll see for yourself.

Sales Page

Download PDF's ONLY

10-22-2012, 07:08 PM
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Thank you for the pdf's would you happen to have the videos
11-28-2012, 05:02 AM
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[Reported by Members as spam/premium links] mirror
Magic Button :
http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/s70niv5t/Richard.Johnson..HMA..Consulting.Training..The.COMPLETE.Course.part01.rar
http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/e9i0odqz/Richard.Johnson..HMA..Consulting.Training..The.COMPLETE.Course.part02.rar
http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/dnyhx9j9/Richard.Johnson..HMA..Consulting.Training..The.COMPLETE.Course.part03.rar
http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/iols3kz8/Richard.Johnson..HMA..Consulting.Training..The.COMPLETE.Course.part04.rar
http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/md3ogo2m/Richard.Johnson..HMA..Consulting.Training..The.COMPLETE.Course.part05.rar
http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/q4uhpy5z/Richard.Johnson..HMA..Consulting.Training..The.COMPLETE.Course.part06.rar
http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/xaavyc39/Richard.Johnson..HMA..Consulting.Training..The.COMPLETE.Course.part07.rar
http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/x9ozi5xv/Richard.Johnson..HMA..Consulting.Training..The.COMPLETE.Course.part08.rar
http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/3if0mqlv/Richard.Johnson..HMA..Consulting.Training..The.COMPLETE.Course.part09.rar
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http://[Reported by Members as spam/premium links]/file/gvd1q76l/Richard.Johnson..HMA..Consulting.Training..The.COMPLETE.Course.part62.rar
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