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01-12-2013, 01:01 AM
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>>>[Compilation of Stickied Thread on Freebies [Last UPDATED on Dec 20,2013]<<<
The Purpose of this thread was to compile every stickied thread
or important notice here on Freebies Section.

Please take time to read the following threads:
>>> [UPDATE] How-To-DO Link(s) Protection,Attachment(s) Protection,Content(s) Protection <<<
>>> Easiest Way To Search WSO to Avoid Duplicate threads <<<
>>> How to find DUPLICATE thread using DIFFERENT SEARCHING methods! { MUST READ!!! } <<<
>>> How to Code Live Links, Simple Tutorial <<<
>>> Hall of Fame (Members promoted as SuperVIP Lifetime for FREE) <<<
>>> FREE SUPERVIP access to deserving Contributor | Uploader | Mirrormaker | Link Finder <<<
>>> Be CAREFUL installing or downloading WP PLUGINS and THEMES!!! <<<
>>> Seeing Dead Link here on Freebies Section? Post it here the thread link and i will do my best to ReUPLOAD it!!! <<<
>>>VIDEO TUTORIALS - Hiding/Protecting Links, Mirroring Files, Finding Duplicate Threads<<<
[GET] [+5 REP] Exclusive For BBHF - A Path To Success, Recognition and Reputation

Aside from those important thread.
Remember NOT too SPAM here on Freebies Section or on any other section.
There is a RIGHT Section for you to promote your website

Go here >>> Website Showcase and Reviews <<<

Violators spamming freebies section may lead their account being banned
and more seriously I.P. will be banned too.

Along with their website being "FLAGGED" or "MARKED" by our system as a "SPAM SITE"
So learn to PROMOTE your own website in the RIGHT SECTION.

Any thread(s) that involve selling outside of BSO Section will be deleted.
Your ONLY allowed to sell or offer services in BSO Section

Note: (BSO) = BestBlackHatForum Special Offers

Want To Sell? >>Read This First!!!<<Threads will ONLY be visible once the payment was been confirmed by either Lala or BestBlackHatForum .

If your NEW MEMBER here.
Remember your first post/thread is MODERATED.

Which EXPLAINS why your thread or post was NOT visible upon your first post.
It will only be visible when the post/thread was been approved by one of the staffs/mods.
The first post moderation is to cut down spammers spamming this forum.
Once your post was been approved and shown to public.
Your next post or thread will no longer required for the approval of the staffs/mods.
Never think of spamming the forum as the report system will marked or flagged your website once your spamming this forum.

We encourage all members to please use the [report] button if you see thread or post by members violating rules of this forum.
As what [Image: 5.png]BestBlackHatForum[Image: 5.png] (ADMIN) says
"We are not strict so much in implemeting rules as we assume all members here know what common sense is...
All members here are welcome to contribute and make this place a good place for everyone here..."
In summary, if your new member or old member who wishes to contribute here on freebies section.
The first thing you do is to search the WSO ID (if it was a WSO Product) to avoid duplicate thread.
If on the existing thread the link was different from what your going to post.
Then your much welcome to add it on the existing thread.
Please to those new member, add a LINK PROTECTION on your direct download link or mirror link!
But never add or hide your salespage.
Of course the salespage link must be visible so members will know what are they are downloading.
All thread that was been created but was duplicate will either be moved to Dumping Freebies or be merged to the first existing thread.
We encourage members to create a thread, bump a thread/post for the requested product on request section ,
more members requesting or bumping for the requested product may take higher
priority by members here to look and shared for this particular products.
ONLY if the product or WSO was not yet been on Freebies Section.
So again please learn to search WSO id easily using this technique method:
All .EXE or Software relateds thread "MUST CONTAIN" Virus Total or Virus Scan on either of these two:
Do not fake the virus total.
If your planning to infect members here then this was not the right place
for you as those kind of members are being kicked out and banned on this forum...

Direct Download
Thread was been Approved by BestBlackHatForum and Lala so i gonna stickied this! [Image: smile.gif]
This thread is subject for changes and addition and update soon.
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