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05-22-2012, 10:55 PM
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BestBlackHatForum Special Offers Forum "RULES"
BestBlackHatForum Special Offers Forum "RULES"

>>BestBlackHatForum will not be held responsible for any deals made by members, so please do remember deal at your own risk.<<

>>No any single topic or post outside this section should be created or posted. If you fail to follow this, a temporary/permanent ban will be issued towards your account.<<

>>BestBlackHatForum doesn't allow any type of deals involving credit card, bank, or identity fraud, nor any other type of illegal products.<<

>>All forum wide rules still apply to the BestBlackHatForum Special Offers Forum.<<

>>Members are not allowed to sell for another member who can not post
in the BestBlackHatForum Special Offers Forum themselves. Those who are ban evaders or are in the negative reputation points or not upgraded should not be allowed to sell in our Marketplace by proxy of another member.<<

>>You cannot post two different products in one sales thread, you choose one or the other.<<

>>We do NOT tolerate members selling product that will cause harm or damage to any person or any other company involved.<<

>>No fake views are allowed at any point or another.<<

>>We strictly forbid scammer(s) here at any forms,this is not the place for you.<<