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01-20-2017, 07:13 AM (This post was last modified: 01-20-2017 08:14 AM by California Kid.)
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RE: Best affiliate program I've ever found! My New Year's gift to you! :)
you stink of "newbie" madness. you may not be a newbie in internet marketing, but you have almost 0 posts here and ZERO reputation. also, if you were so smart, you would have known you posted in the WRONG section of the forum. the correct section is the self referrals section.

in this world, you have to earn respect and so far you haven't earned mine. part of my online internet marketing ventures is travel related and i will pass on your sales pitch because you are full of shit. the offer may be legit, but i don't deal with people like you and neither should others.

you offer no benefit to this forum so why should we benefit you by signing up under your referral link? good luck spammer.....

EDIT: just to save people some time, i did a quick google search and this guy is promoting worldventures.biz and their product dreamtrips.com. other people can do their own research about how the company operates and the reviews. the op stated he didn't want google to this post that would link to a company website. ya know why? the company frowns upon SPAMMERS and if he is reported spamming forums, he might just get booted from the affiliate program. who wouldn't want information about their affiliate program indexed? spammers....that's who. who asks people to pm them for more information and not giving any detailed information in a post? spammers.....that's who.

(01-10-2017 05:42 AM)Overflame Wrote:  I'm not newbie in internet marketing and online money making, buddy, I'm working with those for 5 years now.
If I'm not active here do you belive I have no idea how those works? LOL.
If mods need proof that this isn't a scam please let me know, only mods for now, until things get sorted out I won't reply to anyone else because apparently some people don't belive me, which is understandable.
You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.
01-20-2017, 11:54 AM
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RE: Best affiliate program I've ever found! My New Year's gift to you! :)
"Gift" - I can't find any gift. I CAN find an MLM promotion for a company that rates badly in Google.

Pay HOW much money every month to be an affiliate? (I though affiliates were supposed to earn, not spend)

and a big upfront fee.

Not found any 'Gift' yet.

You posted this 4 months ago and STILL have zero rep.

I shall gift some advice - 'Sex and travel' as us folks say. Fornicate Off.