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12-27-2016, 07:24 AM (This post was last modified: 12-27-2016 07:25 AM by maxidl.)
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RE: Anyone know how to "force" visitor to share post in social media?
(11-08-2016 07:54 AM)azure293 Wrote:  All those "locker" plugins, locked posts, paywalls, annoying popups and exit messages are making user experience bad and actually deterring people to read further, stay more on website, etc. Did you noticed how fast you are closing popup or going from the page instead of liking-sharing it? Yeah, other people are doing that, too. You can not force them to do something, you are insulting visitors with it. Make content worthwhile of reading and sharing and leave to users to decide if they want to share it or not, everything else is annoying and pushing them to another site where they are not pestered with shi-tty blocking.

It depends on how you are using the plugin. It is actually very effective if used properly