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06-29-2015, 06:42 PM (This post was last modified: 07-26-2015 04:15 PM by TM3.)
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[10 COPIES LEFT] <---- [E-Book] Easy Guide To Make $100+ Daily With Just $4
July 14 Update

10 copies left, after that no more will be sold

[Image: YxGGS5I.png]

In this guide I show you a very simple process to make $100+ per day thanks to google maps.

No you don't need clients
No you don't need to be an affiliate
No you don't need to wait weeks or months to get paid

If you follow everything in this e-book, you will get paid TODAY directly via paypal.

I can't explain too much, but you will take a digital item and resell it for huge profit margins to other people who are READY TO BUY NOW. You do not need to convince these people to buy, they are already buying from others but at higher costs. You will offer them the same but at 50% discount and still make huge profit margins.

You don't need any tools
You don't need any skills
You don't need anything special

All you need is this e-book and a $4 investment, because what you will buy and resell will cost you $4.

it has NOTHING to do with:

social media

This is 100% brand new

You will be able to resell it quickly, it will maybe require you to write 1 or 2 sentences because many people will want to buy it from you quickly before somebody else does.


(07-04-2015 02:36 AM)Alex Becker Wrote:  Here is a semi review :

Its a direct approach method. You are to get(buy) a virtual product at dirty cheap rates ( which you wont believe if u dont know about it ) and then selling off for 20-25 times the investion you have made. The interesting part is this can be used many for getting leads, building trust and making $ indirectly. But lets stay on the point that its a virtual product which can be bought and sold to make instant profits. Accordingly to the OP, Once you introduce this product to a place which has its demand, you are to get more sales than expect. And this can be true as the product in question has its value. The best part is it can be resold or reused over and over by you or your clients.

The author also provides other offers in this ebook. so they are like a plus to this ebook.

The product is no doubt a gem if you are a company or provide services to companies. Adding to all this I am going to go ahead and implement this to actually make sure that it sells as the author claims ( which I think it should ).

So this is my semi review of the product. Once I implement this, I will actually post in images to show the earnings. Hopefully the interested buyers have gotten their answer. Do let me know if you want to know anything else. I am ready to answer the questions in regard to this product ( being a reviewer ).

(07-04-2015 02:43 AM)MellowD Wrote:  I too was going to say the same as Alex above, this is a unique and simple method and I can see this making some serious money for you if you put your mind too it, its a great informative no fluff action taking method, grab your copy now, I think its worth the money

Thanks OP for the review copy much appreciated :)

Oh forgot to mention saturation is impossible lol

(07-04-2015 03:37 PM)cash900 Wrote:  I just purchased this, apart from what the author has passed onto us (which in fact will make you money if done properly) there is another opportunity as well to make money with this and its huge.

For what I paid, I am happy with the purchase.

Good product.

(07-04-2015 07:55 PM)Nick09 Wrote:  Received review copy from Seller, Thanks!

My Review:
Is method unique : YES

Does it really convert/work : YES

is blackhat method involved : partially

- This method really unique never heard or tried before as far for me!
- This BSO teach you how to sale trial offers to local business
- with just $4 (even less) how to get more than 10-20x profit per sale
- He mentioned website link where we can promote this offer/services and get sales!
- He mentioned 7-8 different types of offer we can resale to local business/online clients

- it take less than 30 mins to setup if you freshly starting up
- easy to find buyer just hoping to get first sale within next 24 hours
- easy to make more money if you have JV and peoples who can get more clients

This is my short review i will make my brief review once i implemented this method..

Thanks again :)

(07-04-2015 09:39 PM)Scar fac3 Wrote:  My review!

So I got a review copy from TM3 and I have to say that this is the definition of thinking outside the box.

As the OP didn't say much about the digital item, I can't do it either, but you have to trust me that this is something you haven't come across.

The e-book's structure is great and it is really easy to follow. You also have a bunch of images to guide you through the whole process so you don't get stuck.

As for where to sell the digital item, the book has this covered as well - you will get a starting point and from then on you can easily find your own or just stick to that one. Acording to what the OP states, once you get your first sale there should be more coming your way easily.

Is this the only way I can put this method into practice?

The answer is NO. At the end of this e-book you will find some other things you can sell using this method, along with some linking so it can help you better get an idea of what it consists of.

Overall a good method with an even better twist that I haven't seen before. Totally vouch for this.

(07-05-2015 12:56 AM)solar33 Wrote:  I just bought this and I am very happy with it. I had a couple of questions (that I really kinda knew the answers to, but just wanted to check anyway) and got a very prompt reply from the vendor.
Now, I haven't tried it yet so I have no proof of earnings to show anyone, but I will be starting on this tonight (in the UK here) and I see no reason why this won't work as described.

Actually, for the first time in ages, I am NOT disappointed and deflated after a purchase. You know what I mean don't you? That deflated feeling after getting your hopes up when you find it is either unworkable, good in theory only, or just plain cr@p? Well, not this time. I am actually exited and looking forward to this.

I will let you know how I get on

(07-05-2015 01:28 AM)stiffler Wrote:  Short review Review :

This is a very old method of reselling the items with a little twist in it , Where our investment will be very less , but we will be making $$$ depending on our skills, I am impressed with the idea, which i never thought .

I have just read the PDF, will implement and Update my review after that.

P.S : English is not my first language.

(07-05-2015 03:26 AM)Harrylaw Wrote:  My Review after 24 hours

I purposefully waited for 24hrs hoping to write a review only after implmenting the method for at least 1 day.

But few things stopped me implementing fully which were beyond my control. For some strange reason my IP was blocked (suspecting Proxy/vpn) for certain site where I needed to buy the digital product. Have sent them a mail, hoping to sort this out soon.

But I liked the idea. IN a day I could develop some spin around the method which I m pursuing now.

Pros :

This is doable and results can be seen in 2-3 days if you are sincere to follow the method. Buying the digital product would be easy ( in my case I stumbled upon a strange issue as mentioned above) and selling is the primary skill involved.

In few Facebook groups I m already participant as a business person. Also for some reasons I opeted not to use that ID to sell these digital products. But as I said above, I put my own spin around the method and have some ideas where to sell this.

In short, this is doable.

Cons :

Actually I ll give away the trick if I talk one cons I could see.
Saturation is a tricky question. As long as, you are selling in the same places where the seller has mentioned, saturation is obvious. So you have to find your own places to sell, your own groups, own forums.

I will keep trying in the coming days and update if I make any progress. Thanks

(07-06-2015 04:10 AM)aKinaKus Wrote:  Cool
OK..Here is My Review of TM3's BSO (Sorry for taking a little longer than expected!)

1. Saturation
a: The hard part will be when each of you goes to the same people and tries to sell this service. Your best bet is to find your own buyers or go the way TM3 explains it in his guide if you cant.

b: The method is not a long term thing. It might die after some time but i foresee a minimum of 6-12 months until this can be oversaturated to the point that all offline businesses know about this service. I Highly doubt it though!

2. Implementation
You can pick this guide up and start selling/finding customers as soon as you're done reading it. No other preparations required. As simple as that!

3. Verdict:
This is an interesting approach to arbitrage. Very feasible and profitable! If you follow the steps in the updated guide you will have no problems making money!

PS. I got this service as a bonus for a buyer of another product. Him getting this bonus closed the deal! So even if i havent actually sold the service itself - it still made me money! This just proves how useful the service is!!!


[Image: xNNrXmb.gif]


- How will I get paid?

You will get paid via paypal directly from the people you are selling to.

- Can anyone do this method?

Yes, anyone from anywhere in the world can do this method. As long as you have $4 to invest and are willing to follow the process you will make money. This is 100% digital and can all be doen through email.

- How much do I need to invest?

$4 for each item, you can resell it for $80 - $120

- How long will it take me to earn money?

No more than 2 days, usually within hours.

- What does the method involve?

I can't give out too many details, but you will be buying something for a very low price ($4) and reselling it for between $80 - $120. Realistically the average person could sell 2 or 3 per day, maybe more if you come across a bulk buyer.

Here is the steps you need to follow:

1) buy the digital item you need for $4
2) go to the forums and facebook groups I mention in the PDF or look for companies in this industry on google (very easy)
3) Post on the forums/facebook groups what you have available, buyers will contact you.
4) Sell it to them for $80 - $120
5) They will be VERY happy
6) You will have money in your paypal account

[Image: NTNuuIA.png]
Instant Download After Purchase!
07-04-2015, 12:23 AM
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RE: [Guide] Easy Method To Make $100+ Per Day With A $4 Investment
Good Day, your BSO was live now.
Congrats and good luck on your sales thread.

07-04-2015, 12:39 AM
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RE: [Guide] Easy Method To Make $100+ Per Day With A $4 Investment
Hi, sounds interesting ...any review copies?
07-04-2015, 12:49 AM
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RE: [Guide] Easy Method To Make $100+ Per Day With A $4 Investment
I'd love to type a detail review. You can check out my already done detailed review in BSO section. :)

Let me know.
07-04-2015, 12:54 AM
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RE: [Guide] Easy Method To Make $100+ Per Day With A $4 Investment
can I find a link to a review of this product??
07-04-2015, 12:58 AM
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RE: [Guide] Easy Method To Make $100+ Per Day With A $4 Investment
I'd like a review copy if available, I WILL post a detailed review in this thread which is critical for sales.
07-04-2015, 01:04 AM
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RE: [Guide] Easy Method To Make $100+ Per Day With A $4 Investment
Thank you Lala!

Sending out some review copies now to a few people
07-04-2015, 01:08 AM
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RE: [Guide] Easy Method To Make $100+ Per Day With A $4 Investment
do we need to have a website?
how to contact the customers? email, phone, face 2 face or....
Can you provide prof of income?!!!!

07-04-2015, 01:25 AM
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RE: [Guide] Easy Method To Make $100+ Per Day With A $4 Investment
Hey TM3 I will review it for you if youd be so kind
07-04-2015, 01:27 AM
Post: #10
RE: [Guide] Easy Method To Make $100+ Per Day With A $4 Investment
I will take review if any available :)